Unicycling in Bremen

Hi!, my name is Kepa. I will move to Bremen for a few months after summer. Probably from October to February. I would like to contact people to practice while I am there.

Here in Spain what I usually do is MUni, but I have read that in germany hockey is quite popular, so if there is people practicing regularly in Bremen I would like to give it a try.




i dont know if there are muni riders in bremen but if you go to “teams” and “kontakt” on the unicycle league page http://www.einradhockeyliga.de/ you will find two teams in bremen. maybe ask them about muni as well.


Have a look at http://1radfahrer.de There you will find a couple of Bremen unicyclists.


My name is Marie and I live in Bremen. There is a group of unicyclists at the university that are doing hockey:
There are also some people who are doing freestyle if you want to try that too.