Unicycling in Brazil?

Bom dia,

I am now in Brazil on a lecture tour (in Portuguese) in Belem and Sao Paulo. I am
heading to Sao Paulo in a few days form now and wonder if anyone knows of unicyclists in
Sao Paulo or can help me find some. I’d like to take this opportunity to
try to organize something there, and hopefully even get a team to UXII.

Perhaps one of the rosters has such info? It’s hard for me to search from here
and would appreciate any help anyone can offer.

P.S. I a already have “disciple” in Belem (state of Para, north Brazil) and he will
probably be riding tomorrow. I will probably wind up leaving my unicycle here,
as I usually do.


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Jack, this is something of a long shot, but there is a couple who perform professionally called Planet Banana. They do some amazing juggling, unicycling and comedy with a bit of dance, romance and mouth to mouth banana tosses thrown in. The woman in the duo is Brazilian and they spent some time together in the late 90s performing in Brazil. Her name is Silvia and they have a website, http://www.planetbanana.com , which, when I last checked, had some very specific contact information. Perhaps they’ll be able to assist.

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I lived in Brazil for 5.5 months over 2 years ago. I don’t recall seeing any unicyclists in Sao Paulo, but Sao Paulo has a little of everything–including punk rock enthusiasts who dress in chains and black clothes (I spent a drunken night with them).

In Salvador da Bahia, I found an old wobbly unicycle at the Circo Picolino. If you want to donate a unicycle, they would be a wonderful recipient. It is a circus designed to teach low-income kids and keep them out of trouble. I showed up one afternoon and juggled with them. They are really cool.

Circo Picolino
Av. Octavio Mamgabeira
Pituaçu–Orla Maritima (in front of the Parque Metropolitano de Pitauçu)
Salvador da Bahia

In Rio, there is a famous circus school. I don’t know the address, but I met several jugglers in Chile who had studied there.

Bom viagem, Amos

Ok, they put this stuff right on their website, so here it is:

e-mail: info@planetbanana.com

or write

Planet Banana
65 Cooper Square #4B
New York, NY 10003

or call

Ph/fax (212) 979-7926
NYC mobile (917) 751-7494
European Mobile (June - Sept.) +41-079-279-5168

Raphael Lasar
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Re: Unicycling in Brazil?

Eduardo Louren in Brazil (no idea where) designed and built his own
unicycle. Here’s his webpage including e-mail address:

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Re: Unicycling in Brazil?


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amosbatto wrote…
>I lived in Brazil for 5.5 months over 2 years ago. I don’t recall
>seeing any unicyclists in Sao Paulo, but Sao Paulo has a little of

Thank you all for the quick response and information on finding unicyclists
in Brazil. The wonders of lightening speed communications! I will follow
up on the leads and hope will find someone in Sao Paulo.

Muito Obrigado!

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Ok now this is a old post but. I was wondering if there is any update I just arrived today with my unicycle in São Paulo.


Maringá - Paraná

Hi mellowme17,

I’m from Maringá (600km from São Paulo). http://goo.gl/maps/Rdpjx

Unfortunately there are few cyclists in Brazil. You may find someones at Facebook - Monociclo Brasil.

Wellcome to Brazil! :slight_smile: