Unicycling in a blizzard

I’m FREEZING and WET and WINDSWEPT and KNACKERED and wearing a SILLY HAT and going out for MORE!


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Good to hear you’re not a soft southern jessie after all Phil:p I’m really jealous, up here in Edinburgh (you know, that place that’s meant to be really cold), it is lovely and sunny. No sign of the snow that seems to be hitting the rest of the UK. I bought a couple of new sledges in November and still haven’t had a chance to use them:( Maybe this weekend?

Have fun!


Phil, I don’t see a blizzard. Were you perhaps speaking of the slight mist in your photo?

I blame the camera. It wasn’t misty at all, it was just snowing lots. That’s the most snow I’ve seen falling from the sky for a long time, let me have my fun! :slight_smile:


I’d agree Brian; there didn’t look to be any more than a few centimetres of snow cover (and really not too much in the air)… perhaps we Canadians should collect a few pictures of what a blizzard looks like. Poor sods – don’t even have the opportunity to experience a real snow storm; I’m saddened by that thought.


I’ll stop now.


Alright, that probably wasn’t entirely fair, me ganging up with Sofa to bash on the brit(s) :). I know the pleasure of getting out in the cold and showing nature you can darn well take whatever it has to dish out. You get that feeling of part insanity, part I’m-can’t-see-and-am-running-out-of-breath, which just gives you the desire to do more!

Have fun Phil, while the snow’s still around. If you get over to Canada though (in the winter), you’ll have to get some of our blizzard experience.


Yeah, I like to show Mother Nature I’ve got what it takes by wearing shorts and a t-shirt year round. 'Course, the low yesterday was 45 degrees (F), but still, some of these yokels run around with several layers on and thick jackets. Makes me laugh…



Ah, see, this is another example of these poor people who just aren’t given a fair chance to experience ‘winter’. Lows of +45°F (+7°C)-- a farce that people are wearing anything more than jeans and a t-shirt and sandals (flexible on this point – sandals aren’t for everyone). If you’re uniing in this, I could not have respect for anything more than leg armour, shorts and a t-shirt (which I’m very glad to hear you were wearing).

Now, I would enjoy it if you could pop up my way and have some fun here. The current temperature is -12°C (+10°F) – still good for leg armour and shorts, but a hoodie or jacket and toque is recommended until one gets warm. Last night and this morning were much more impressive at -20°C (-6°F). Sometimes it’s difficult to wear shorts and a t-shirt year-round here, as at points the wind and whatnot does give things an edge.


What the hell is all that white stuff?

Just been out again, for a random spin rather than to a lecture and back…

  • Snow is great for practicing mounts; you can plant the wheel in the snow and it doesn’t move! I was practicing mounting into a stillstand with more success than usual.

  • The wheel is usually disappointingly snow-free, it was just me who had turned white! However, on wheeling the uni over a sneakily muddy bit it did turn into what looked like a 3" white slick tyre…

  • A 3" contra leaves a very impressive single track through undisturbed snow!

  • Unicycles are excellent for flooding my room carpet.

  • Unicycles attract snowballs.

  • Unicycles are an excellent snowball offensive platform, due to speed and stealth… :slight_smile:


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Heh. I have a saying… “Snow is something I visit.” If I want to experience the perils of cold-weather gear, I can drive 4 hours and end up in Tahoe, where you actually do need protective gear. Granted, even their low is only 21 degrees (-6 degrees celsius)…


Re: Re: Re:

I’m in the Sacramento area and it’s only an hour and a half. But I agree, snow should be kept where it’s needed, not on your driveway where you have to shovel it.

There are lots of cool trails up around Tahoe. The problem is, in the winter you can’t even find them! After having grown up in Michigan, and spending 10 years in New York, I’ve done my time and am happy to keep the “proper” winter at bay.

Re: Unicycling in a blizzard

That looks great! Way to go. It’s quite different here in Calif - today was
the first day this year I rode to work in a T-shirt. Nice and warm!


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> and going out for MORE!
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That looks like enough snow for a good time, Phil!

I have always wanted to unicycle in snow. Sadly, we have had no substantial episodes of white stuff yet this year (which is a blessing, if you have ever seen someone from southwestern BC drive a car in half a centimeter of slush). Even the local ski hills on the North Shore are lacking substantial coverage – the runs have all closed down pending a serious blizzard, and the blossoms starting to come out on the trees in the city.

Maybe next year…

(joining in on the international obsession with the weather)