Unicycling Hertfordshire

Hello everyone,

I’m a unicyclist Based in Hertfordshire and i’m looking for any other people who can ride a unicycle in Hertfordshire

If you are a unicyclist and you live in Hertfordshire post on this thread

Have you seen this site for the UK.
It has info about uni hotspots in the UK plus news, clubs, meets etc.

Good luck.

Maps and Fora and Facebook

Facebook Open Group - Unicycle South West (UK)

Union of UK Unicyclists - as mentioned by Joggerdude above - also have a map for riders on the forum. And a UK-centric forum.

This here site what you are on also has a map - which is advertised in the links bar above. Right next to the ‘donate’ link…


Where abouts in Herts are you?
I’m in South Beds and looking to start a weekly club. We need as many regular riders as possible!

live in harpenden Hertfordshire
And I can travel to st albans or luton only as I’m only 16 and have no other means of transport but train

I’m in Hatfield. But will only be there until the end of the month before i move back down to London.

I’ve ridden in both Harpenden and Hatfield. There isn’t much in the way of trials riding in either so i haven’t been over that way for a couple of years.
what do you ride mostly?

trials but im shit

Everyone starts somewhere. We should meet up for a ride. If you can get over to Dunstable the riding isn’t actually too bad. Theres some decent trials spots.

First post

Hey im 13 im from Berkhamsted and im the only guy in town who unicycles, i’ve been trying to aerial on my unicycle for ages and i just can’t, i watch videos online about it but i still can’t, can anyone help?

It’s all about confidence. If you haven’t already, get some pads. It will help massively. You won’t be as scared to commit.
Apart from that it’s just practice. Keep at it, you’ll get there.

Cheers ill get some pads and try again :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Me and my son have started riding and set up a club. We are little more than a mailing list currently but would like to start meet ups of we can get sufficient numbers.

We are based in kimpton in the middle of north Herts!