Unicycling has taught me.... (or the benefits of unicycling).

  1. That you can learn anything once you put your mind to it and persist, putting in the necessary time and practice.

  2. That something hard to learn can be more rewarding than something easy to learn.

Add your own collected wisdom from unicycling.

That people in Japan, Denmark and many other countries can be as messed up on unicycling as me.

That the world is an amazing place, full of interesting people who are all more alike than different

That impossible-seeming goals are achievable.

That it’s really hard to get permission to ride in a gym.

That the world still mostly doesn’t know the first thing about what unicyclists do. They’re getting a little better though.

That metal music is grating on the ears and metal pedals are grating on the shins.

That kids seem to know what a unicycle is better than adults.

That any unicycling injury usually needs to be repeated twice before doctors finally understand what you’re saying.

That you don’t actually need that training wheel on a bike.

too easy…

Gravity is a cruel mistress and a taunting lover.

hahahahahahahahaha :smiley: What a great quote…

That the French are way too good at unicycling

That I CAN do something really difficult.

That it doesn’t really matter that I’m older.

That it wont kill me if people laugh at me.

That other people are generally unoriginal in thier derisive comments.

That, even though it took me waaay too many months to learn and I still kinda suck at it, it’s the most rewarding skill I’ve ever learned.

That the fountain of youth is actually comprised of mud, sweat, and blood, and that one wheel makes me feel younger and better at 30 than I felt at 20 :smiley:

And that gravity is a cruel mistress and a taunting lover :wink:

That at my age the frequency of lovers is rather more limited than it was 30 years ago. A uni fits the bill rather well for passion and sweat.

That at this age, there are 4 important things - one should never pass up the opportunity to pee, never trust a fart, NEVER waste a hard-on… and I can’t remember the last one. :slight_smile:

That [SIZE=5]one wheel is all I need to be twice the man I used to be!!!
(haha, just made that up and I love it!) :sunglasses: :D:)

-That one body per wheel is optimum.
-That everyone thinks your awsome but most people try not to look.

-I Rule

That no matter how good you (think) you are, there is always someone better.
Also, that if you fall hard, you better get up quick.

Unicycling has taught me…

That no matter how many times you thump your testes on various parts of the unicycle anatomy… It doesnt make you tougher…

And that people have limited unicycle puns… “Where’s your other wheel!!!”
I one day replied to this by saying “Right here” and reaching into my pocket and pulling out my middle finger, to the onlookers dismay.

Unicycling has taught me …

How to count:

One …



I guess that is it. Simple things for simple minds.

Be nice to all people, if possible^&*^^and I find that hard sometimes; and especially unicyclist. In your own head, age does not matter. That’s a big task!
I guess it has taught me to cope with lots of different situations as unicycling is like life and learning the endless skills of unicycling makes one more resilient to everyday challenges. I accept that there are lots (and lots more) better riders out there than me but hey. Should I give up any sport because people are better than me. No way, Kris Holm is incredibly supportive of lesser riders like me.
Unicycling has fun involved so just keep unicycling!

It has taught me how much I love the process of learning.

Very well put!

…that one is NOT the loneliest number!