Unicycling good training?

Any one know how effective unicycling would be for cross country training? Not really the areboic part but the anerobic part. Will unicycling alot improve the strength of the same muscles used for running or totally different muscles?

Some muscles are the same, and some are different.

Unicycling is one of the best methods for improving overall core strength out there, which will always help in any sport, but maybe not as specifically for running.

Thanks, I’ve noticed that after a unicycle ride my legs are considerably more tired than a run of an equal length and wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or just a waste.

unicycling is great training. I am twice as strong as when I started.

yea unicycling is really good for training yourself. it mainly keeps you fit. though you do use different muscels in unicycling then you do when running.

I think some of the leg muscles are the same though…

It’s good for balance obviously, so if you’re talking difficult cross country running with rocky descents and jumping over stuff, as opposed to running on smooth tracks, then it really helps descending if you have alright balance. Balance is also good for running up the side of hills too, being able to get into that falling forward rhythm and go up smoothly. Being balanced can make running so much easier.

As far as leg muscles go, I think it depends a lot on how you run, and how you ride. As I understand it, good runners mainly use their hamstrings, rather than their quads, and just sort of fall forwards across the ground. I’m not sure but I have a feeling unicycling is the opposite way round in that you’re using your quads a lot?


Of course unicycling is good for you, I found out it worked muscles that while I would go running, or lifting, I have never been able to really work, but unicycling gets them and my core, and adds to your balance.

Besides, unicycling is fun, even if it wasnt an effective way for excercise, I would still do it till the day I die.

I think riding on flat ground and going down hill mostly uses your quads but going up hill should use your hamstrings right? When you go down hill your doing alot of resisting (hamstrings) and going up alot of pushing (quads). maybe I’m wrong though

That’s an interesting point, thinking about it I’m not sure which muscles are used unicycling in different ways. Looking at the web, for biking various people suggest riding up hills lots in order to balance the use of hamstrings over quads, and some people say that spinning uses both sets of muscles.

Incidentally, unicycling on a big wheel, like a 29er or upwards is a fantastic way to pace runners, I’ve been muni-ing my local run recently in training for a race, and it’s great fun seeing which bits are faster for the runner and the rider.


i’ve lost a bit off the stomach since i’ve been riding, im not fat nor near it but i’ve definatly lost some weight. which would lead me to believe that it is more gooder than other stuff