Unicycling goals

The new year and a new decade is upon us! What are your immediate and long term unicycle specific goals?

I have lots of small goals but the big immediate one is to become more proficient on my 32” and ride longer distances. My main issue is boredom when I attempt longer rides so i need to become mentally stronger and focused to overcome that

Long term is to keep riding. I am guilty of getting into something, becoming hyper focused and burning myself out of it after a year or two and moving onto the next thing. Trying to avoid that because I think unicycling has great long term mental and physical health benefits

Goals. Lots of them…

  1. Learn to idle
  2. Learn to mount 36er
  3. Get better at riding a giraffe
  4. Get better at muni. I found I had issues with lots of twists and turns going up hill
  5. Be competent at going forward 1/2 rev backward then forward
  6. Be good at stopping and hopping and riding again
  7. Have more variety in mounts

I would like to be able to ride stomach on seat
I would like to be able to 1 foot ride and 1 foot idle

Current goals in order of importance.

  1. Learn to static mount 36"
  2. Learn to hop
  3. Learn idle/reverse
  4. Acquire a giraffe

My uni goals this year are more along the lines of showing up:

  • NBUC Xmas/New Year BBQ
  • Akira Hoagland's CA Muni Weekend in March
  • NAUCC in Madison
  • Strawberry Fields Forever ride, to actually ride the ride!
  • Unicon 20 in Grenoble, France
  • Organize some local group rides
If I have time:
  • Restore/rebuild the Excessory Cycle, which currently resides in a box
  • Clean up and label the unicycles in my "Museum Collection"
  • Ride more
  • Scan and/or digitize results from old unicycle conventions

That should be number 1 on everyone’s list !
(sorry I’m bias, I was born there)


  • [B]Get full ankle strength and mobility back[/B] Number one priority. I've been working on it, and it's getting better, but strong impacts from certain directions still hurt. I've now read a lot more, and found some new exercises that may help, as just stretching and strengthening wasn't getting me much progress.
  • [B]Unicon[/B] Always fun.
  • [B]Make big Muni Video[/B] There are a bunch of riders I would love to film a project with. I really like filming and editing, but when I'm around unicyclist, I also want to ride. I really need to figure out how I could get someone to film, that doesn't cost a lot of money, but knows what he is doing.
  • [B]Ride more flatland and street[/B] I forgot more tricks this year than I learned, should be the other way around. Either my motivation, or my ankle were always holding up progress this year.
  • [B][I](combine my freestyle and my flatland unicycle into one Flatstyle unicycle)[/I][/B] Optional, and mostly depending on how much I work (next to studying) this year. Which is slightly in conflict with all the other points on this list... [/LIST]
    • Learn seat drag. I can only do a couple revolutions. Maybe I can build some kind of cheater device to substitute for the saddle, something that provides a tiny bit of left/right stability during the learning process.
    • Start working again on one-footed riding. At one point, my pedals got slick and I stopped working on it. The longest I ever rode one-footed was a couple hundred meters. Now, it's probably going to feel a bit like starting over. I'd like to incorporate holding on with both hands into the one-footed, because it seems safer, even though it's obviously harder.
    • Build an extension for the Shadow base to turn one of my unicycles into a bike. Answer to the question: "Where's your other wheel?" Every year we have a local parade. It would be funny to pop wheelies on a DIY circus bike.
    • Attempt to ride up Fargo street. I should be in LA some time in the next year. Just takes planning...

    In January 2020 it is already two years ago that I started learning to unicycle. It turned out to be much more difficult than I expected, so I am a very, very slow learner. I have considerably lowered my expectations.

    In May I will participate for the second time in the Dutch Unicycle Championships for the 100 meters and 800 meters. In 2019 I was only able to finish in the 100 meters. In 2020 I try to ride the 800 meters again. For me, it is the test of whether I have progressed with unicycling.

    For the time being, I will not continue with freemounting (often tried, never succeeded) and other tricks (for example, idling), which are currently impossible for me.

    I plan to do my first full century 100 miles in one day ride this year. I’m thinking of the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes across the panhandle of Idaho but may do it closer to home or at home.

    Jim I’ll be watching and rooting for you on that ride

    I have a lot of little goals but my main goal is to ride in the Century that is held here every year at the beginning of Sep. they have 4 sections and I want to ride the 37 mile section. that would let me ride with all the bikes and get to cross the Talmadge Bridge at the start.

    Mine goals are the same as usual:

    Chase women & drink more beer! :slight_smile:

    To stop swearing at the §#$@&%£ unicycle!

    Goals 2020


    I haven’t unlocked any achievements since getting the static freemount, besides some tentative hopping. I don’t have great practise areas nearby, and I haven’t taken to the open roads yet. So in 2020, I want to:

    • Get a proper tight turn.
    • Do a 180 degree turn by hopping in place.
    • Learn to idle.
    • Learn to ride backwards.
    • Ride around Bredon Hill (24 km with some steep bits).
    • Do 6,000 km on my road bike (upping my goal from 5,000 km in 2019 which I set before I got into unicycling. Keeping the bike goal and adding uni is going to be a stretch).

    I don’t get to ride as often as I used to, partly due to other commitments, partly due to other hobbies. However, my goal remains to do 30 miles (48 km) without a dismount. In fact, that so close to 50 km that…

    My best to date was 27 miles without a dismount, on the eve of my 50th birthday. Now I’m 57.

    My goals are to complete one of the following:

  • Climb Mt. Lemmon in Tucson AZ on my 36er. My wife's parents live there so it would also be a family visit.
  • Climb Pike's Peak in Colorado on my KH24. One of the local riders who hosted Ed Pratt on his U.S. leg - Darrell - moved to Colorado Springs and is thinking of doing it and invited others to join him. [/LIST]
  • It’s getting a bit late for New Year’s resolutions maybe bur here’s mine:

    Unicon is one, but I’ve already registered so that’s happening. No real ambitions there other than to complete the XC and survive the DH

    For probably the second or third year in a row, I want to work on my rolling hops. Just occaisionally it clicks and that feels really great but mostly I end up with more of an unweighted roll over obstscles, which doesn’t work for logs of more than about 6 to 10 inches.

    I feel like I should practice mounts with the other foot, just because. Although I can’t see much benefit day to day.

    Finally, when the weather gets warmer againm I need to get the momentum going again with my 7 year old daughter’s efforts to learn. Last summer she had a period of quite concerted effort but never got past the assisted riding (either holding me, or a parallel row of patio chairs). I think her motivation is still there so this year it should click for her.

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    Easy goal for me. Just learn how to ride well enough to go into the town center about 1/4 mile from my house. So far the weather an my health aren’t cooperating.

    I certainly hope your health improves soon and you make your goal. I feel you on the weather. am hoping the rain lets up tomorrow so i can ride

    My 2020 Uni-goals

    1.) Ride backwards…continuously.
    2.) One foot idle(dominant side).
    3.) Off the seat riding(aka: SIF).
    4.) Double my leg strength from gym machines and stair hopping.