Unicycling Girlfriends?


I just taught my girlfriend how to unicycle. It’s radical. She learned rather quickly and i’m just curious if anyone else has taught there “special someone” to rip. haha.

-Shaun Johanneson

My ex does freestyle. :frowning: Shes still cool though.

My friends gf does some trials. Ive seen her hop up stairs and stuff!

Two pretty badass girls…
Congrats on your gf!

My wife and I are learning together. I just bought her a 29 to match my own - we’ll be taking them on vacation soon, and plan on some long rides.

I’m gonna teach my girlfriend how to ride =p and i already helped her brother get going, so now he is planning on buying a unicycle.

The community is growing :smiley:

yea im helping her too… i think any who how good exactly is zach?

He can go about 100feet… ish lol, sometimes hell go like 10 then UPD, but he is getting better, and can self mount like 1 out of 10 =p

My wife (then just a friend) bought herself a unicycle because she saw me riding one. The then proceeded to break her wrist in two places while learning to freemount. After healing and crashing again (not seriously, but enough to get a couple good bruises), she still hasn’t trusted herself enough to give it another go, but she still wants to. One of these days…

yeah mine learned to ride my shitty ass 24, but her b-days on the 7th so hers is in the mail;)


i taught mine and then she went and blew 150$ (AUS) on a standard model without consulting me. we broke up… not (entirely) because of the uni. I’m not that obsessed with the sport.

I wish i had a girlfriend that could uni… actually…I just wish i had a girlfriend…(sigh)

Well ive got a girlfriend nd evrytime i go to school with me uni she has a go nd shes gettin pretty good :astonished:

Yeh man I’m teachin mine at school. She is gettin there:D

i will have to invest in one of these ‘girlfriends’ you speak of… :stuck_out_tongue:


my girl friend found a old uni in her friends garage and can idle but cant ride ill have 2 teach her but im not sure whe wants 2 learn that much…“ill leave the one wheeling 2 you warren” she says

I wished my girlfriend rode

I do, she’s got herself a KH trials :smiley:

shes a keeper:p

You’re damn right :wink:

well…im never damn wrong…just the normal kind of wrong …and super wrong

I’m Teaching my girlfriend how to ride at the moment, shes nearly got it now!:smiley:
She’s riding my old Nimbus Trials Unicycle which i have sprayed flourescent pink for her.

Cant wait to go riding with her around town