unicycling girl friend

Do any you guys (or girls) have a GF (or BF) who unicycles :thinking:

I do, dumpweed, but he won’t be around to see my post for a while.

My girlfriend has said she was willing to learn.

cool that would be a fun ride lol:D

my ex wanted to learn but never got it

I do. She’s teaching unicycling in Japan right now.

How young do kids start to date these days???

I remember kids dating back as early as 4th grade…so thats like 10?

8 year olds. It’s gross.
Haven’t dated any girls meself, but if I did, I would make em learn!

im 13 whats wrong with that

also i had a girlfriend in preschool i got her a ring out of a quarter machine

Sera can ride. =p

We are gonna paint her uni pink, and she is waiting for the snow to disappear so she can go riding with me again. She hate the snow. lol

i haven’t got one date under my belt yet.
Not one.

…i’m a lonely one-wheeler.

but if i did, i’d try as hard as i could to convince her to learn.

lol my gf bought a uni after i leant her mine over the easter holidays… shes got a trainer 20" off UDC… she can ride it but thats about it really, freemount and ride… but she doesnt like doing it lol cause shes always scared of damaging her wrist… (she plays the violin…)

Maybe you should go find someone. Your like 15 and 16! Are you just like plain ugly, pathetic or just scared of a approaching a gal?

And you fell for it??? Ohh and this s Cody typin yallz!

I don’t have a girlfriend but I have a few girlfriends who want to give it a shot.


Are you a pimp or are they just freinds who happen to be girls:D

Haha, lol.
I’m no pimp :stuck_out_tongue: , they are just friends who happen to be girls.


Mike Swarbrick is my bitch, does that count?