Unicycling Game???????

Im not sure but I heard there’s a unicycling game out there and I just wanted to ask you guys if you’ve heard anything about it…if you know anything about it please respond. :thinking:

Pm BrianO about it (that might not be his exact nam on here), but he is one of the people making it.

the one on unicycle.com???
look there if you are looking for the flash game.
possibly search the fora.
can you give us a few more details, so we can help you better?


Does anyone know when the Project Uni beta is coming? I reeeaaly wanna play :smiley:

Uniracers or dunawan link. :wink:


UDC game.

o me too it looks so fun

Give it time. We are both very busy with school and work lately.

Well i’m sure it’s going to be awesome when you’re done with it.

:smiley: Keep up the good work Brian O. :smiley:

Sumo is still my favorite.

yea thats the one!!!

but was there any need to write IN GIANT red writing??

I’m sure there was no need to, but what’s the difference…

I agree… Sumo or gladiator best games of all time

Nah, gladiator is better for the more younger riders. Anything to do to get the others off their uni. Kicking the wheels, grabbing seat posts, out of limits. Some great fun there.

You can wheelwalk your way into the match just for style. David (from Austria did that a lot. =p)