Unicycling from San Diego to Anaheim

In January I need to make two work trips - one to a conference in San Diego, and another in Anaheim two weeks later. I’m thinking of making the trip between the two via 36” unicycle, over a few days. I feel pretty comfortable riding maybe 30-40 miles/day…more, actually, but this is supposed to be fun. But, to you SoCal denizens: is the trip potentially fun, or is it just mostly riding along I5 and inhaling diesel fumes? Should I try an alternative inland route? Or just take my riding elsewhere?

In the real world I’m a pretty good unicyclist: Ive done 40 mile days, and have a stable of 19 to 36” on and off road wheels. However in this community I’m more of an advanced beginner - I still can’t idle, ride backwards, or do much other than ride, I suppose. But I have a lot of fun.

Based on all that, any thoughts/suggestions?


I’m not an expert on the area (I live about 6 hours away by car), but I’ve driven through there a few times. You definitely don’t want to ride down the 5; that would be dangerous, illegal and very not-scenic. I figure finding a route along the coast should be nicer, though I don’t know what’s a good route, and cycle-friendly. I recommend starting by checking online for where the bicyclists recommend to go in those areas, and possibly not even doing it as a point-to-point ride, but focusing on the most scenic areas and finding great bike-friendly sections to ride on.

Also you should hope that Terry Peterson sees this thread; he does tons of LA-area riding and probably knows some good suggestions for you. :slight_smile:

Check out San Diego to Anaheim on MapMyRide.com
(Actually it is Anaheim Train Station to San Diego but it should give you an idea)

This site lists the total miles as 100.57 and keeps you off of I-5 the whole distance. The route looks reasonable but the grades and elevation gains look to be in error. It shows several sections with grades in the 50 to 90% range, that is not right.

I see other sites too:http://www.bikemap.net
cycle.travel/map Looks like it lists off road bike routes.
opencyclemap.org Looks like it lists off road bike routes.

I see other mapping sites, here.

I had thought about riding the Amtrak century but there’s just too much riding with car traffic and that’s a deal-breaker for me. But you might have a look at the route which I believe is from Irvine to San Diego.

I live in Vista (North San Diego). I’ve ridden to orange county several times from Vista. I’ve also done the trip to downtown San Diego many times. In my opinion, the ride to orange county is fun, but stops being fun, once you arrive in orange county. Most of the way to Orange county, you’re away from the cars, which is nice. Orange county itself just doesn’t seem to be as bike friendly as San Diego. The ride to San Diego is awesome, especially if you enjoy a nice climb up N. Torrey Pines. There’s a nice pit stop at the top, where you can watch the para gliders jump off the cliffs. Lots of fun! If you would like a partner to ride with, let me know.

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I have been to Torrey Pines, and highly recommend the scenery there. Go to the parasailing place!

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Thanks everyone; i really appreciate the insight and the offer of a riding partner! As fate would have it, work dealt a blow to my plans, and I’ll be blowing my carbon budget flying back to frigid Boston, then back out to Anaheim with no cycling time.

Torrey pines is pretty awesome. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to pack a uni and ride up there.