Unicycling from Russia to Denmark

I Did around 1000 km with 2 bicyclists.
Vyborg Russia - Helsinki Finland - ship - Stockholm Sweden - Helsinborg - ship - Helsingor Denmark - Copenhagen - Gedser.

Great video. :slight_smile:

Wow!! Very nice!! I would have to assume you are on a Schlumf geared (?) Or you would make me look really bad against bicyclists…

No - it is non geared uni. KH 2015 new hub. Here is screenshot from sportstracker. Usually we did around 100 km per day.

1.bmp (1.44 MB)

That is fantastic! :smiley:

Wow, you answered my question from previous. A good 36er unicyclist CAN very well keep up with a causal bicyclist. That is awesome inspirations. So impressed with the max speed you achieved 22.43(!) MP/H wow! Didnt know its possible on a non geared! A total eye opener. What short cranks are you using by the way? Im guessing 110s, 114s?

Kudos to you!:wink:

Aha, you are right. It was 110 mm.

Darn how did you ever achieve that max speed? Bionic legs:p
…no seriously,

It was on downhill. And you get very tired after, also it’s dangerous - have to put one hand near brake.

I love this. What a great experience.

Very inspirational - congrats!