Unicycling for the Navy Blue Angels

The boys and I just returned from a weekend in Springfield, IL (about 3 hours south) where we attended the Illinois State Youth Convention sponsored by the denominational headquarters of our church. Of course we took some unicycles along and in the free time Saturday afternoon, we did some riding and a little performing for the residents and tourists of Springfield.

The boys ended up performing some freestyle tricks for small crowds of onlookers in the plaza outside the Lincoln/Herndon Law Office museum. They hopped up and down the steps of the old State Capitol building and Ben spent some time jumping over volunteers (kids from the convention) in the street outside our hotel. By the way, it’s an interesting feeling to ride up and down in an elevator while seated on a unicycle.

The best part though was that the boys got to perform for some of the Navy Blue Angels who were in town for the air show on Saturday afternoon. They were staying in the Hilton across the street from our hotel. The airmen were gathering in the front lot of the hotel waiting for their trip to the airport when they saw us riding. They called the boys over to see the unicycles and asked us to do some tricks. So Ben and Brad obliged. The boys received a round of applause after their short impromptu.

One of the pilots said that unicycling looked dangerous. I offered to let him try my unicycle if he let me try his jet. He didn’t take me up on the offer. :frowning: One of the pilots told the boys that he had been riding a unicycle for 35 years and that he would ride for us but didn’t want to split his pants before the airshow.

I’ve got a picture of the boys and the pilots but it’s on a disposable camera and we’ll have to use up the film first. I’ll post it later.

All in all, a great and very fun weekend. Next time, we’ll plan to take the Cokers to get in some touring time.

Working with kids grants a whoppin’ four hours of sleep a night so I’m bushed. I think bedtime will come early tonight.


Re: Unicycling for the Navy Blue Angels

Wow, it makes those two guys sound kind of wussy, which we know they are not! Very cool to have had the chance to meet some of our nation’s top pilots!

Great experience Bruce and Boys!

Our club’s color is Blue. One of the jokes our past director would tell during our openning group routine was “We are the Blue Angels of Unicycling…except when we crash”.

I almost made a post about that last night. I’ve riden on the elevator at my girl friends dorm a few times on my uni and it’s a pretty weird feeling. I makes the up and down sensation like 10x more intense.

Re: Unicycling for the Navy Blue Angels

Great comment!! :slight_smile:

Way to go Bruce! That’s the way to spread the uni love! Glad that you and the lads are still out there doing great uni-awareness work.