Unicycling for peace and death squads..

Today I’m going out and unicycling in a peace march/ anti war march here in pittsburgh.

Unicycling for peace is my new slogan, can I still be on a death squad if thats the case? I think the militia means more to me that unicycling for peace so I guess I’ll just have to walk like everyone else if I cant do both. :stuck_out_tongue:


Re: Unicycling for peace and death squads…

Since there is an unchallengeable rule already in exixtence of “It takes one to know one…” I hereby declare that Checkernuts is an ASS. However, I only claim to be the external, fleshy and muscular portion. while “Mike” seems to be satisfied in his role as the puckered, brown and smelly part. Oh, dichotomy! Where is thy stink? Nutsforbrains has obviously posted this thread to remind us of this fact, so, nobody can blame me for overstating the already self-admitted blatantly apparent fact. Checkernuts has already shown that he’s prepared to follow the almighty DOLLAR, wherever it may lead, so, it should be no surprise to anyone that he supports President Hitler’s big, popular drive to Armageddon.

You’d think, since Mr. Bignuts Checkernuts is of Prime Drafting Age, that he’s either be more anti-war, or at least more discreet… but then, maybe good ol’ Charlie Darwin was right, after all…

Save your energy, Mike, and save everybody else the hypocrisy of you attending a peace march that you don’t actually believe in.


as long as you take one wheel death squad to mean death related to the risks involved in extreeme unicycling.

but i might not wear you muni millitia tee shirt on the parrade if i were you.

being a bleeding heart liberal as i am, i too don’t think that bombing the hell out a county we screwwed particularly badly for our own selfish ends is good karma.
particularly when we only care about the black gold.

i was unable to hand out anti war flyers today because i had a meeting,
but i did write to tony bush to say i didn’t like the idea of him killing innocent people in my name (or guilty people for that matter, i’m not from texas)

perhaps he who has not sinned should cast the first nuke?

ask how many of the protesters drove there car thats propelled buy oil to the railly…

every time you order a new unicycle part,it gets to your house on by oil.

pro peace rallys are great,but anti war rallys are marched by confused people.

dare i say that war is not all bad? yes its true if it wasnt for war we would all be speaking german right now.

i think i understand your perspective, but your argument dosent realy make perfect sense,

if i wasn’t for war then only the germans would be speaking german.

just being pedantic.

wars are horrid nasty things that should only be entered into in the verry worst possible circumstances. not as a means of getting cheap fuel.

however iraq has not perpetrated an act of war against the u.s. or the u.k.
if they do then bomb them, i’ll eat my words

just because were the biggest bullys dosent mean we are right.

shure he bombs the kurds,
but then we buy diamonds from seirra leone.

killing inocent people with fairly effecient weaopns vs co-operating with a regime that gave children druggs and told them to go and chop each others arms and leggs off.
we gave weapons to these people and funded them by buying their ill gotten booty

diamonds are forever but the aggony of having your arms and leggs chpped off with a machete only lasts a lifetime.

we never sent a un peace keeping force in, we never even put it on the telly untill it looked like it was going to end.

east timor,
etc etc.

it’d be cheaper to give everone on the plannet running water that to bomb iraq

i don’t think we have ressisted the temptation to sin in any degree that would allow us to throw any stones, let alone the first one.

kinda hard to do that if your dead.

your quote would make a great epitaph.


I dont get it man.

I am completly anti war. Today I stood along side a Thousand or two other people and chanted unicycling for peace. Only clowns need gasoline. Yes its satire but thats completly your department.

For one that dishes alot of sarcasm I would think you would be more willing to take a joke.

I dont even think I need to defend myself any further.


maybe the next shirts I make will be “UNICYCLING FOR PEACE”…

Re: Re: Unicycling for peace and death squads…

What is wrong with you?

Hey Chex,

Do you (or anyone else on this forum) ever ride in Critcal Mass bike rides? It’s an awesome way to protest capitalist car culture, and is especially relevant now with all this warmongering for oil going on.

One less car, one less wheel!


Oh, and I’d always assumed the “death” in One Wheel Death Squad was our own. Perhaps we should clarify: One Wheel Suicide Squad. Of course, I’m not going to do anything too stupid until I get a unicycle that can outlast me : )

If we’re going to get into a political discussion please take it over the “Just Conversation” forum. There is no need to have another giant political thread in RSU.


ALL politics aside, the point is:

Death is not cool. Unless you’re a Smiths fan, and then, it’s still not cool.

Here’s one example of why it’s not cool.

So just keep your Charlton Heston Weekend Warrior Let’s Die Because It’s Our Right “politics” to yourself.

You are not the people who are going to die if/when another oil war begins.

If you really thought that you were going to die while riding a unicycle, you wouldn’t go anywhere near one.

if they do manage to launch an attack on u.k. soil with half a dozen ex soviet scuds and a kids chemisty kit then i will contrive a way to return from the grave and eat them,

scouts honour.

a while back i did unicycling at anti nuclear demos, aside from my political intersts in the subject it was realy good fun.

jagur, if you want you can carve the epitaph personaly.

If anyone doesn’t like death squads at a peace protest, beat them to death with the unicycle. Best of both worlds.

ping ping ping ping ping tap tap tap scrape ping ping ping ping ping

fun fun,so much fun :o

I do ride in Critical Mass when ever I get a chance. It is a great orginization that promotes biking in the city. Its much faster and better for everyone too. Unfortunatlly I cant keep up with thoes guys on my unicycle, so I join them on my POS huffy.