Unicycling - for health, and in Boston

hey all

I’m working on an article about unicycling as a form of physical fitness,
but also with a mention of what it’s like to ride in the Boston area (since
that’s where I’m currently living). I was hoping a number of you could
share your experiences with unicycling as exercise (what it feels like, why
it works, specific stories, etc), and/or (if you have any) fun stories of
riding in Boston (experiences, places to ride, etc). The two don’t have to
be connected.

I look forward to hearing your stories; thanks!


Over a year ago, I stayed a few weeks in Marlborough. I didn’t locate anyone in Boston but did make it out to some state parks. All Mass parks do not have cycling routes, some have walking trails and warned me to not ride my muni on walking trails. I did ride the Hopkinton mtn-bike trails and a few others. Scott “The Muniac” (scott@muniac.com) put me in touch with Dave Kimmel (dave@newlabor.net) and we met in CN and did some muni riding.

I’m an embarrassingly slow runner, so being on a unicycle pretty much removes speed as a juding factor from other people. It’s low impact too

Unicycling and fitness:

Firstly, riding Muni (Mountain unicycling) is very physically demanding - often moreso than traditional mountain biking. We (usually) only have one wheel, no gears and riding up hills requires large amounts of not only strength, but balance and practice.
I’m going to go all out and pretend this is an infomercial now…
yes, its true, unicycling can give you abs of steel, as you are constantly twisting around, up and down(using your abdominals) to keep your balance on rough trails. All your weight falls on this area on a unicycle as we dont have handlebars to disperse the weight more evenly.
Ive also noticed my ‘hopping arm’ (the arm I use to grab the seat with) being stronger from muni.
Unicycling really builds up the qauds (as erin always notices) and helps build better cycling muscles as you are often forced to pedal with a high cadence to get speed up(I found my legs were stronger for road racing after starting to ride my uni everywhere)…
Of course, this isnt always the case with larger wheeled unicycles … and I’m sure there will be lots of people to post on the fitness benefits of long distance uni riding…

Dunno if I agree with that. On a bike you have gears to keep your energy expenditure constant. On a unicyle you’re undergeared most of the time. eg. on the flat, most people pedal at a comfortable cadence, rather than pedal as fast as they are able to. On really steep hills when you can’t pedal anymore, people get off and walk, whereas on a MTB you grind up everything on a granny gear. And a MUni is a lot lighter than a bike.

So I don’t think MUni is necessarily more demanding than biking, it will just take longer to cover a set distance.


Well, it really depends on how you ride. Go out on a really tech trail, ride as hard as you can, riding everything possible until your muscles practically fail. Now that’s pretty good exercise.


Agreed. But the same applies to two wheels :stuck_out_tongue: