Unicycling for Charity

A friend and I are raising funds for charity by participating in a 24 hour bike event. Of course we are doing it on unicycles…

We set up a facebook page to post pics of our adventures… Did I mention we got mohawk haircuts when we hit our initial fundraising milestone?

The purpose of this post? We could use a few additional LIKES on our facebook page… Any help is moocho appreciated.


If anyone else needs a LIKE let me know… happy to oblige.

Ah, so that’s why you got the mohawk.


Thank U

Yep, the response has been tremendous. Thanks for the LIKE…



Liked :slight_smile: Awesome event!

Unicyclists ROCK

Thanks guys. Your like got us to the needed 30 so now we have access to “insights”. You all ROCK, but then what else would you expect from unicyclists?