Unicycling for Boobies!

Hey all!

I run a breast cancer awareness charity called CoppaFeel! in the UK and our mission is to get young people to check their boobs regularly and stamp out late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer.

I am currently organising a charity bike ride across Cornwall taking place 28th-30th May 2011 and am looking for as many unusual bikes to take part as possible.

I would LOVE some unicycles to do the whole stretch with us - I will be on a tandem!

If you are interested or know of anyone that may be interested PLEASE get in touch with me. My email is maren@coppafeel.org and number 0785504255.

More info about our cause at www.coppafeel.org and the bike ride at http://www.2mevents.com/event/bikin-for-boobies