Unicycling Footage

Hey Hey Hey!! It’s that time again!

I am going to film the last few shots for my video and then patiently wait for the people who said they’d send me footage to do so. But meanwhile, if anyone wants to send me footage of themselves unicycling to go in a free video that will be publicly released including such greats as ME, Mike Middleton, David Poznanter, Bevan Gerber-Siff, The Hell On Wheel Gang, Dan Heaton, Scott Bond, Kris Hellen, Jeff Groves, Sabin (the man with only a first name!), The New York Unicycle Club, and smaller appearances by Ryan Atkins, Ben PS, Joey Cohn, and many others (including a possible appearance by JESS RIEGEL HIMSELF!!), then feel the freedom to respond and then in turn receive a response from me, followed by subsequent communication, up until the final sending of the footage itself. I’m looking for raw footage on a Mini DV tape. And while I realize this attempt to coerse you into giving me your precious talent is futile, I proceed nonetheless.

By the way, if you want a copy of this video when it’s done, which I’ll charge you shipping for and that’s all, you might as well talk about it here so I get an idea of how many people I’m going to be sending videos to.

Thanks for your time,

how much is shipping? tho im almost guaranteed to buy… :slight_smile:


I’m happy to send in some bits and pieces from what I’ve filmed if you want it, although with all those amazing riders I don’t expect you to. I’d love a copy either way. Please let us know how the editing is coming along every now and then. If you do want me to send in something, is MiniDV the only option or would uncompressed .avi files on CD be okay?

I think it’s great that you’re making this free…very admirable.


Welcome back Zach! How was the tour? Sorry you couldn’t get more footage of the gang, I’ll see if they’re willing to part with some footage we already got (Houston’s making us our own DVD). I’ll definately be purchasing your video.

When can we stop submitting footage?


I’d send in my footage, but my friend is lazy and won’t upload the film from his camera… So I haven’t seen stuff from two weeks ago yet.

But I would be interested in buying it. Is this the movie for that Fake Trailer?

All my footage is on my friend’s comp. And his comp is in France at the moment. It’s not all that good anyway. What format is the final video goign to be? I’d like to get a copy if it’s DVD.


I would definitley like a copy, I would like to send some footage in also, ecept i use an analog camera then treansfer it into my comp using this dazzle thing, does anyone know how I could transfer it onto a mini dv tape, because i know someone that has a mini dv camera so could i try transfering it camera to camera?


tennisgh22: Inqueries of the postal nature I can not answer at this juncture. However, I will send out some videos to people without the charge of shipping: friends, family, people in the video, etc. before I start sending out videos to everyone and I’ll probably be able to estimate a general charge.

Andrew: MiniDV is preferable, but whatever you can send is fine. I will be using Final Cut to edit which I’ve never used before and I don’t know what kind of files it will import. If it can’t import .avi files then VHS will have to do! If even that’s possible…?

Frank my good sir, how are you? The tour was magnificent. If possible, please send some more footage or tell me you’re not so I can stop bugging you. You have my address right?

darchibald: I hope to start the editing process by the end of next month but if I’m not practiced by then… the month after that.

James: Yes it’s the video from the trailer. For those who haven’t seen it I’ll spam you with it again! Muahahaha!!!


Oh, and email me so I can give you my address so I can get some footage from you. (my name, zach not zachary, jucha)@hotmail.com

daino149: It will be in DVD and some in VHS for those not technologically advanced enough.


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Egads! I left out a poster!! Well Brian, you can just put your analogue footage on a VHS tape and send it to me, which is and will remain, acceptable in cases like yours.

Surely Final Cut will be able to import .avi files if Windows Movie Maker (which is free) can. I’d have thought it would be easier for you to import footage from uncompressed .avi files than from MiniDV tape. I’ll try to get it on MiniDV anyway. What sort of riding do you want me to send? There’s a lot to choose from because I’ve been doing lots of filming lately.


Me wants one! Along with Mike! He has some additional video (of spots we never hit when you were there) of us on his camcorder, I’ll try to get him to send some of it in. I’m also soon to get my digital camera, which can do low-quality video. If it turns out to be high enough resolution, I’ll try to send it in. What kind of music will you be using?

Also, when’s the deadline for video? Mike and I could possibly get some more filming in soon. We hit the Berkeley campus, and it rocked. Some great stuff for video (or not so great, but whatever).

Welcome back! we missed you in Most Replies!

i might be interested in a video when you’re done.

i dont think youd put me in, but i have a short clip of me doing a uni spin. tell me if you want it.

I would love to get a copy on DVD if the shipping to Norway isn’t too large


Hey Zack, it was pretty weird (and neat!) bumping into you and Kris. Too bad I wasn’t free on the Monday it would have been great to see you ride but since I wasn’t I guess I’ll have to wait for the video to come out =) … I’m definately intersted in a copy…

Hey zach,

Sorry I forgot to tell you, my last name is Arditty. Its is said like, “RDT”. :slight_smile:

I will try to get you some footage. I should have some good footage towards the beggining of Summer. (just to give you a heads up) I will keep you updated on AOL. Looking forward to how this video will turn out :slight_smile:


I’d be interested.

edit: in a copy.


I’ll be making a uni video with some of the people in my area this Summer. It won’t be my first experiance with filming and editing (me and my friends love to make stupid movies where we make fun of anything) but it will be my first experiance making a uni video. Any pointers?

Also looking for pointers. My mom just announced shes gonna buy a digital camcorder, and I can’t wait to make a video. Although I’m not sure how. Thus all pointers and tips are welcome.