unicycling film

hey all. going to finish up filming my stuff for this film i’m making soon, and soon everyone else will send me their stuff (only 2 left). was just remembering andrew carter is the only one who i haven’t talked to that might have wanted to send stuff still. are you around andrew? reply to this thread i guess just if you can send me some footage of you and tony.

look forward to trailer in next few weeks.

Hi Zach,

If you still want the footage I’d be happy to send it. Is it okay to send it edited (part of another movie) but uncompressed as .AVI on a data DVD? Then you could grab the bits you want from it. I could send it all unedited if you want…the stuff of Tony will be either way.


i imagine whatever is easiest for you will be fine, but this video is going on i think both vhs and dvd so the footage just needs to be able to be used for that quality. thanks a lot for this. i really look forward to tony’s stuff and yours as well. do you have my address or should i send it to you again?

No worries, yes all the stuff I send will be uncompressed. Could you please send your address to carter.andrew (at) gmail (dot) com.


PS. I feel stupid writing my email address like that but apparently it stops spam a little.

How could that stop spam? If you write:

robbie_mcm (attarooney) hotmail (dottarooney) com (arooney)

I just don’t get how it could stop spam. It’s the same thing you just have to use your head to try and find out what it means right?

it would take someone an extra few seconds to rewrite the email address and spammers are more likely to skip over yours and just copy and paste an email that is already written out correctly.

Spammers have software that scans web pages looking for xxx@xxx.xxx formatted email addresses. The spammers add those addresses to their lists.


Hey zach_jucha, I was wondering if I could send you a few clips of me and a friend. We’ve been riding for about 3 years and we can rip it up, trust me. We’re shooting a movie and will be editing soon also. We could send you a few clips and you could check 'em out see what ya think…contact me at obscene_suggestions@hotmail.com

-Keaton Miller