unicycling fanatic test has a new home.

Due to stability problems and the fact that Roger kindly offered the test is now
located at


If you want to update your score do the test again and enter the same name as
last time. When viewing the score board you may need to hit refresh for your new
score to take effect.

Greg House <ghouse@southwind.net> wrote: Dang! It appears to be broken! I
entered all my selections on the form and got a 404 (apparently on the cgi
script) after pressing submit.



On Mon, 04 Dec 2000, Graham W. Boyes - TOAO.net wrote:
>I scored 23.4. I would say "Unicycling has progressed beyond a passing
>interest into the realms of a serious hobby." is a true statement. I loved
>that, it’s great!!
>Eh, you can add <!–#echo banner=""–> on a line by itself just below your
><BODY> tag and that will remove the pop-ups and have a banner ad instead. Oh,
>and you can also use the address
>http://unicycleguide.hypermart.net/uni-fanatic.html. G/L
>Graham W. Boyes
>To avoid injury or death, do not remove the cover of this e-mail. The following
>has been intentionally left blank:
>> Peter Bier <peter_bier@usa.net> wrote: For those folks who can’t wait to try
>> it out I’ve thrown it up on a free site. Unfortunately this means dodgy
>> performance and pop up adds. I’ll move it somewhere nicer shortly. (Just hit
>> that good 'ol refresh button if things don’t seem to work)
>> There is a link from my homepage: http://www.crosswinds.net/~unicycleguide
>> or you can go directly to it at:
>> http://server43.hypermart.net/unicycleguide/uni-fanatic.html
>> Peter

o o Peter Bier o O o Juggler, unicyclist and mathematician.
o/|\o peter_bier@usa.net

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