Unicycling Facebook Pages

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to direct some traffic to my facebook page, check it out and like it if you’re on facebook: www.facebook.com/TheKevinMcMullinPage

But also, please reply and list some of your favourite pages that relate to unicycling. Some others that I like on facebook are:
Kelly Hickman
Bobousse Flatland Unicyclist

See ya!
Kevin McMullin

…and Schlumpf Innovations:


Polish uni shop: monocykl.eu

and just unicycle

It’s not facebook but it relates to facebook and facebook security. Try openbook.org and search for unicycle. Disclaimer- I take no responsibility for content posted by other people on facebook and it may contain innapropriate language so use at your own risk of being offended. I am amused by some of the comments people make on there.

Memphis Unicycle Club group facebook page

Memphis Unicycle Club group facebook page

Check out: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Voodoo-Unicycles/223313725448

Voodoo Unicycles page :slight_smile: Updated regularly, new t-shirts just out in fact :smiley:

this is unisalg.dk’s (Danish UDC) facebook page :slight_smile:

Ride Triton!

Adventure Unicyclist :p:

NZ Unicycle Federation: