Unicycling extended my lifeline!

I had a bail onto pavement trying to accelerate to chase an escaped dog down on a kangaroo uni, not the most exiting thing I’ve done, though the results are interesting.

It was about a week ago so it’s mostly healed, but the thick abrasion (where my hand ran along a pebble) directly corresponds with the fold in my hand commonly referred to as the lifeline, the length of which is (maybe, does anyone really believe this stuff anymore :thinking: ) believed to measure the length of your life.

Kind of neat anyway.
here’s a pic


and zoomed in


What’s a kangaroo unicycle?

Its a uni that has both cranks facing the same way. They are kind of hard and weird to ride but I learned it. They are fun/weird/pointless. :roll_eyes:

PS I dont believe in palm reading lifelines so yeah.

would it reck my my hub or cranks if I changed the cranks around on my normal unicycle?

It depends on what hub interface you have. Isis goes with isis splines, square taper (beginner unis are almost always square taper). I would just leave your uni alone.

I can’t believe a unicyclist wrote that!

Unisykolist, changing your crank position should do no damage to the unicycle whatsoever, as long as you use the correct tools. And as any unicyclist knows (or so I thought), it’s always fun to try new things, so go for it.

yea, the tool is only like $15 and you probably will need it later anyways