Unicycling Event

Hi all

Since there wont be TOque games this year I thought of making an event. What I had in mind was this : renting an indoor skatpark(a very big one) and setting up a trials course in it. So that way we could have a street and a trials competition. The event would be located in Edmonton Alberta( Canada ). Now what i’d like to know is if there would be such an event who would come ? I need to know how much persons I could have. Any suggestions and welcome in fact I want suggestions ! thanks to all.

What dates would you be thinking of for such an event?

I was thinking at around the spring break… but as I can see people dont really want an event like this.

and around 2-3 days long

edmonton ish un peu trop loin man

ouin c un peu loing… mais ya un spot parfais… pi a 3 heures d’ici ya les rocheuse pour le Muni… pi l’alberta c presque ke ds le milieu du pays… :roll_eyes:

re le tydj wajjkd fuuul yurksu fige :thinking:

oooohh! its french, boy do i feel stupid:o

if I was on the Canadian mainland, I would definitely come. Sadly, I’m not, and it costs about 300$ both ways to get off this damn island :q

I have to pick and choose any events I may go to that require travel carefully.

all I am asking is for an about number of persons who would come… before I go into all this planning I have to know that there will be people going.