Unicycling Downtown Just Got Interesting

Hey guys, another fun ride on the 36er this time in Downtown LA , and this was a fun one.


If you’re looking for more local 36er riders, I live down in El Segundo. I usually ride the beach path but open to explore a bit. Let me know :call_me_hand:t3:

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Hey yes, 36er riders I’ll let you know before I head out that way most likely beginning of summer when it’s a litte warmer by the beach side and in the town part of El Segundo.

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Just ordered a 36er. Eagerly awaiting the delivery date, and learning to ride it. If you’re willing to take a potentially wobbly rider along I’d be willing to go. Located in Orange County.


Oh nice, the 36er is a blast your going to love it… Orange county sounds fun hit me up when you get it and get going :uni:

Despite the colder weather I’ve been riding my 36er to get used to it. Knowing I can free mount it gives me the willingness to try a ride with others. I plan to attend the Fullerton loop ride in SoCal that was moved to next weekend because the current rainy weather forecast. Outside of that let me know availability for date where we can try to meet and ride together.

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Hey Iven,

We could meet up and ride at a CicLAvia event or we could just me up. The next CicLAvia should be in July sometime and we could hook up with OneHunna.

Near El Segundo sounds cool we should meet up let’s do it. I’m open on Wed, Thursdays and Sat hit me up.