Unicycling down the Eiffel Tower

One of the Scouts brought a book to our practice last night that had an
interesting reference to unicycling. The book was “Why Buildings Stand
Up”, by Mario Salvadori.

In a section on the Eiffel Tower there is this piece:

"The Life of the Tower

“Since 1889 tens of Millions of visitors have been up the Tower, but not
all have used the elevators. In 1906 a race was run up to the first
platform and won by a man in three minutes flat. A slower time was
clocked for a Mr. Dutrieux in 1959, but he did it on one leg. Going
down, of course, is an easier task, and some one did on a bicycle in
1923 only to be beaten by another cyclist twenty-six years later, this
time on a unicycle.”

There is no name given for the unicyclist, nor any indication of what
type of event it was part of. I can deduce that it happened in 1949, but
that is about it. Have any of you unicycle historians heard of this
feat? Any idea who it was? It happened two years before I was born, so I
don’t think it was me. Was it John Foss? Greg Harper?

Hoping for further information,

John Hooten

Hooten, I’m pretty sure it was you. You did alot of cool stuff before you were born. It was just downhill after that.

quotation form an earlier post about “complete book of unicycling”

you ought to take a look at those stairs to understand this is a hair-raising


Correction, Wobbly, that’s

Bernard MUnier

I didn’t think Muni went that far back!

A very fitting name indeed.

Too little too late!

But it’s three hours earlier here - PST :smiley:

why can’t I win ANYTHING? :frowning:

I met a Frech guy earlier this year at one of the local MTB races who claimed to have done just that. I wonder if it was him? I can’t remember his name but he was riding a Penny Farthing. Tony and Peter- you guys met him too- who was he?