Unicycling down staircases

If all you’ve done so far is ride off curbs (not you, alvincrew), start with two stairs or more if they are spaced out. Practice riding down them both fast and slow (like George Peck in the extras of Universe 2). Faster is smoother but harder for a first timer, so go a comfortable speed. As you approach your speed limit the harder it will be to slow down, so keep your speed constant. This is especially important for long sets.

When two is comfortable, go on to three, four, then five stairs. As the # of stairs increases the less important it is to go in order, so feel free to skip or start with 3 or 4. Moving from 8-10 stairs isn’t much harder than going from 4-5 stairs.

here’s a Q. about stairs. i’m having a hard time clearing them. do youse guys have any hints as to how this whole process could be made easier? in general, getting more distance when riding off objects.

do you mean actually clear the whole staircase or just the first few steps?

just practise your rolling hops (it also helps if you do them of drops if you can find one), and getting as far as you can. after that you try them on stairs and its pretty much the same thing except theres set of stairs below you.

Hey guys, i sort of learnt how to ride down staircases (tried 10 steps) w/o breaking any knees or ankles.

Basically what i’ve learnt from my practises are:

  • Riding down with a constant and smooth pedalling is important
  • The body/unicycle leaning angle should be decided based on the staircases’ steepness. If a staircase is very steep, try not to lean too much forward, or you’ll end up in a Superman Return’s movie. And if its less steep, try to lean more to the front so you can ride down as though its a bumpy downhill, otherwise your unicycle will just slip off from your front and send you landing on your back.
  • Wear shin/knee guards when learning, seriously.
  • Try clearing 4 stairs as for a start because for 2 or 3, you’ll simply drop off them w/o feeling anything
  • Do not ride too quickly when approaching the stairs, you will end up dropping off a few steps and ur unicycle will slip off in front of you for the rest and send u landing on your back. Instead, ride at a comfortably stable and constant speed down the stairs.

Do you mean to drop off (rolling hop) and clearing the stairs or just simply riding down the stairs?

near my home i got a set of 5 stairs and them other 5 stairs

i always ride on them … and this week i tried the stairs and i dont know what happened… i just maked the first set and them my foot went of the pedal and i just flyed over the next set of stairs…
jah helped me… and iam alright

any tip on backwards down stairs ??

Nope!But for REGULAR going down stairs, try those shallow stairs they sometimes put besides driveways that lead to the door(or sidewalk, depends wether you’re going up or down from them) and work up.After you learn the normal stairs, you’re ready to fool around in the mall(go around the mall riding just 'cause you’ve got nothing better to do) or any other place with stairs!Amaze non-riders with your X-treme(or semi-X-treme) skills!(ha ha, I’ve always wanted to type that x-treme…not really, just since a few seconds ago)

going down stairs is like going down a rough hill. stand up and go into it with a little speed (the faster you go it is smoother). the bigger the staircase, the harder it is to keep going slow.