Unicycling down Snowdon in aid of Breast cancer

Oh yeah…never really thought that through! Will it be all 26"+ muni’s or will i be able to use my 20" as i dont have a muni?

I’ve always wanted to do that, count me in as long as I can get there:)

May I recommend the route our group took at christmas? Ride up the miners track, strap unis on backs and scale the back face, walk to the summit, ride from there. Walking up the llanberis path with unicycles is really, really boring.


The Llanberis path is mostly wide and not very technical, interspersed with several technical sections with little rocky drops, steps etc. If you’re used to riding in a rocky area already, you should fly down it. I think Roger rode it without a dismount. I took a lot longer and fell off a few times because I’m not that good at riding rocky cross country. It’s not hardcore downhilling by any means, the cool thing about it is that it’s a good rideable downhill that keeps on going for ever.

150 cranks and no brake was fine for it, there’s one short bit at the top which was too steep for me to stay on, but nothing else you’d need longer cranks for. On 125 cranks, I’d say it’d be hard work without a brake but fine and dandy otherwise.

This is about as hard as it gets.

As for riding up, I think it’s 100% rideable uppable. However, it would certainly take longer than walking and riding up. There are some sections that are easily rideable up, the hassle is that even easy to ride down rocky steps involve a fair bit of effort to get yourself up, especially when they’re on a steep slope. Even Roger walked some sections when I did it. It’d be super cool if someone did ride all the way up, even if they took breaks every so often, that’d be a first surely.


Apart from the sections around Clogwyn, I see little use for a brake. I rode my 26 with 175s and rode it all. I agree that 125s would be very hard work, but would give you a little boost for the various smoother blasting sections.

As for the path, short technical sections (except from the summit to the point where Crib Goch joins the main path, thats an insane bit of technical DH) interspersed with rocky and wide paths, so very rideable.

I’d agree with that section being the most hardcore though. :p.


Cool - that looks about as hairy as I would attempt, but not like some of the suicidal cliff-dive stuff those American nutters get up to :stuck_out_tongue:


The good thing with Snowdon is that there’s a lot of technical patches, but on all of them there are alternative routes avoiding the tough stuff and still allowing you to keep riding. Usually onto the grassy banks, but its nice and smooth and lets you only do things that you’re comfortable riding.


Sounds really fun. Do you guys think i would be able to manage on my 20"?

When I rode it with my son (and others) he rode down on a 20" - though I carried it up for him (he had the flu). He wasn’t the only one on a 20" either so yes you can.

Here’s the vid: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=61654

BTW I can’t make it :frowning:

You did that on purpose! Some poor fool is bound to get really messed up trying to ride / hop it all…

I’d certainly like to give it a go. Except for that bit just above the tunnel… there’s no way anyone is riding that unless they do it all sideways! :slight_smile:


do you have an email address for carl so i can get the full details? Thanks

If there is an email list can you put me on it?


nickjbanks at hotmail o com

Which tunnel? I could crank up the rocky section after the first tunnel, but the hill just after clogwyn station is too long and steep, you would actually be dead before you reached half way.

If there’s a mailing list, or contact details for Carl, I’d like to get in touch (RicharddotUni[at]Gmaildotcom)


Ah, I forgot about the lower one. 'Tis the bit just above Clogwyn station I mean; that is so killer steep and rocky you’d need power-assisted legs to get up there…


Would anyone be driving up with room for one more? I could get a train to anywhere from pompey and stay in a b&b the night before.
The more I think about this the more I want to do it. Right now!

I think I’ve PM’d everyone who has expressed an interest with Carl’s email address. Let me know if I left you out or if you can’t get through to Carl as I should be seeing him next Sunday.


I’m interested,

If you could let me have any more details it would be great


Have fun guys & gals - unfortunately I won’t be able to make it this time.

Cath - I urge you to go along and even if you hike up and ride some of the easier bits down, it will improve your confidence and your riding enormously - just do it !!

Phil - errrm, from what I recall, you were playing to the assembled crowd of curious onlookers (both of them) when the mountain jumped up and bit you ?

Be safe and enjoy,


Wll, I’ve been thinking of walking up, if I’m in the country at the time. I don’t know if Carl would want me to go. He’s a bit worried about people coming to harm and only wants experienced riders with him.