Unicycling down Snowdon in aid of Breast cancer

My friend Carl is unicycling down Snowdon on April 9th to raise money for breast cancer (or rather to help treat it).

He would like as many people as possible to go with him. So if you’re interested let me know and I will try to put you in touch with him.

I think it’s just a little beyond my beginning Muni capabilities.


where is Snowdon at? How big of a MTN is it? Is there any pics i can look at of Snowdon? If its not far from me i would probably do it! But i live in Michigan so if its more that an hour away then its to far.

Well, if you don’t know where it is, it probably isn’t for you. It’s in North Wales, UK.

ooo… thats a country to far

Tempting… very tempting. I have a score to settle with that mountain; it broke my finger and left me battered and bruised. I want my revenge…


Just checked my calendar, its smack in the middle of my easter break so count me in. I’ll talk to the others who did it this winter (kington99, Alex, Rupert), see if they want to come along, and others too. I wanted to organise a snowdon trip for this easter and this would seem to be a fateful occurance.


If I could get there I would love to take part. Will this be a hike up then a ride down? My downhill is better than my uphill :slight_smile:
Some more details would be appreciated, I am on easter leave so would have to arrange some kind of transport from the Portsmouth area.

I’d love to do this Cathy…Please do chuck him my e-mail address or vice versa.

My e-mail address is jugglesathotmaildottycommie

I’ve been quoted…Well I never.

Soooo Crib Goch anyone??

I might be tempted into it

Not crib goch though, Thats not even a nice path to walk in moderately bad weather so unicycling would be out for me

depending on the route though sounds like a possibility

I will get some more details and contact details from Carl and pm anyone interested. It might be next week though, cos I’m off to Scotland tomorrow.


Please send me contact details as well. I’m bound to be fixed by then.

…just depends whether you manage to break yourself again in the meantime then… :slight_smile:


I’d like some info as well please. email address norry[at]norry.[co].[uk]

Last time I went it included 2 people who had only being Uniing for a couple of months and used what can best be described as very old Uni’s with slick street tryes. Sure you don’t fancy it? :slight_smile:

Cheers Cathy

Humbug - during my Easter break, its rather far to go all the way from home in Bath (yes, I know Portsmouth is further). It would also mean taking extra unicycles home - there’s only so many that people on trains can carry.

Crib Goch… well, I’ve seen a picture of it being done on bikes. But this is Nick Crane and one of his crazy family who do things like taking bikes up Mt Kilamanjaro, and cycling the three highest peaks of England non-stop (something like 42 hours, 400+km, three mountains…). Not a hard-core mountain biker, but a hard-core ‘try-anything-er’.

Has anyone done anything muni related with Mt Kilamanjaro? I hear a sizable proportion of even fit people have to turn back due to altitude sickness just hiking it.


I’m rather tempted to make a weekend of it… this ride on Sunday, and on Saturday either somewhere else (haven’t done the new Penmachno trail yet) or Snowdon but down the Ranger Path and across the ridge back to Llanberis…

If you can make it as far as Worcester or thereabouts you can have a lift. Can’t help with the unicycle thing though, sorry…


Sorry, I can’t make it Cathy. I would have loved to come along, as I really enjoy riding Snowdon. It would have been my 5th time on a unicycle as well :(. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately) I’ll be in Peru unicycling down some snowcapped volcano at the time, but I’ll do my best to think about you all :smiley: :D.

I’m off unicycling this weekend for 3 days and depending upon the weather, it’s possible that I might end up in N.Wales :roll_eyes: . Hmmm…

See you in Manchester for the hockey next month.


Im interested! Iv never been down a mountain before on a uni, but iv walked up snowden a few times. I was going to organise a ride down snowden with a couple of friends in the summer anyway! Will we be riding up as well as down?
I would say Im in but i will have escape my girlfriend for a few days, unless i teach her to ride…

You are welcome to try… :slight_smile:


I’m up for it in principle - as long as I can find the time to get there and back. What’s the path like? I’ve only ever walked up from the South (Watkin path I think it’s called) - it’s the shortest route to the top but some of it would be close to suicidal on a unicycle I reckon…
I assume you’re using the path that goes next to the railway towards Llanberis?

I suppose I’ll be regretting putting 152s on my 26" by the time I get to the bottom :roll_eyes: