Unicycling documentary

Hi everyone,

Some friends from school recently made this documentary about extreme unicycling. we entered it in the panasonic “new vision” short film competition and did surprisingly well, winning the state award for best all-round film and nation-wide (australian) awards for best sound and best editing.


riders are:
max_pfeifer (the one they interview)

also appearing:
edsbelly and brownboy13

please tell us what you think, bearing in mind that this film was created mostly by non-unicyclists.


HAHAHA the crate

lol that was painful. i didnt think it would break! im impressed they managed to include the clip like 4 times!

i knew you were gunna get snapped

Man, you shoulda been there!! It was so much funnier at the time!

Very good video. Man I used to be so crap :smiley:


i should mention that the footage it like 3 or 4 months old so yeah… we have improved since then.

nice job max so how are you child making glands

i see you squezzed in that cheesy advertisment for www.unicycle.au.com ( they really are the best go there)

lol yeah i thought i should.

btw the child-bearing glands are fine thanks.

nice, i really liked it…

and the crate jump was awesome!

Very well made and edited! I really enjoyed it.

Wait, you cay the footage is 3-4 months old, and yet you already have the new KH uni ( I can tell by the cranks, they are silver in the movie). Come to think of it, UDC won’t start taking orders for them 'till tommorow. :thinking: ] Cool video though.

Thats pretty cool, I checked out the others and well yours utterly destroyed them. The others were so staged and had no feeling in them. Yours was cool, well done, and it looked like you actualy cared about what you were making. Also I found like the other videos were babying me, they all seemed to be directed towards young children whereas yours was much more mature. (although I did enjoy learning how to cook kangaroo tail)

Great job guys.

Nice, that is really cool.

Nah, I think those are koxx cranks.

hey hey, that was great! I knew that crate was going to break;) ouch!

that looks pretty cool, I watched part of it but everyones talking now so I can’t hear. I’ll watch it later.

NIce Job! I liked the part where the kid said it was better than skateboarding! Woot! Woot!

That’s an '05/'06 KH. One side of Max’s right crank is silver from grinding. Perhaps it was just bad light?

Max rides KH cranks. However, Luke (President_Luke) used Koxx cranks there on a KH frame. I was also using Koxx cranks there. Heh… Brownboy was using a basic uni with basic cranks.


Hhaha, Nothing that will effect the ability to have children… thats priceles.

Nice documentary! The first one I actually liked!

Haha yeah kris holm actually said that in the thing he did on ripleys ages ago so i cant claim it as mine.

as ed said i was riding 05/06 kh cranks and luke was riding koxx cranks with a kh frame.

Im glad you liked it.


brilliant video. wish i was as gd as that lol.

what program to make the vid??