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hey guys when u ride a long distance does your groin start rashing and really hurting if not do u no how to fix that?

yeah it will do that, with my kh velo seat it feels like my crotch is on fire after about 15 miles.

the best thing to do is wear lycra bike shorts underneath your normal riding stuff, that way your pants rub the bike pants, not your skin.

Get a better seat, or make small modifications to your riding style, what clothes you wear, mod your seat, or just ride more.

What seat are you on right now?

I ride on a Bedford/Kris Holm gel seat and I did 40 Km recently with it on my 29er I only felt saddle soreness on the last two or three Km but I was also carrying some groceries for the second 20 Km and I was fighting the wind so all in all I think thats a pretty good saddle. O and I was also wearing some jeans and briefs, that will make a huge difference, what you wear. Alot of people seem to wear spandex at least under their normal clothes, particularly for longer rides. I think as long as you are wearing something that alows you to kind of keep your junk in place and still be comfy you should be fine.

Hope that helps

Padded cycling shorts are the way to go. And if you’re doing a particularly long ride then get some Butt Butt’r or Assos cream.

Also make sure that you wahs yourself ‘down there’ pretty thoroughly. Sores are caused/exacerbated by bacteria.

  • Check seat height and angle.
  • Shorter cranks reduce seat chaffing and pressure pain.
  • Wear cycling shorts next tot he skin - no underwear.
  • Use talcum powder or similar before the ride.
  • Take regular breaks.
  • Remember that riding a unicycle is an unnatural thing to do. 10 million years of evolution, and no more than about 100 years of unicycling. It's bound to hurt a bit.
  • (Alternatively, we weren't designed to ride unicycles.);)

I learned a very painful lesson two weeks ago.
I did a long ride in totally innappropriate clothing, and paid the price by walking like John Wayne for a few days after.
Invest in a pair of lycra cycling shorts and wear them under your regular shorts or trousers.
Trust me on this.


My first 12 mile ride was on the stock seat that came with my 28" Sun. I was bleeding by the time the ride was over. I subsequently bought a KH saddle and have had no further problems.

The advice to wear biker’s shorts is good. I actually wear dual layer shorts that are biking shorts on the inside and polyester shorts with pockets on the outside. Also, I don’t wear underwear.

None of my rides have been over 12 miles and I’m contemplating a 60km ride on my 60th birthday so I guess I need to be doing some training.

This week I’ve been doing 10-12 miles every day on the coker. I find that the more I ride, the further I can go without suffering too much discomfort. Good cycling shorts are a must but very difficult to find for a big girl. Foot position is also important with the longer distances. And being able to move my feet when riding. Otherwise they get numb aswell.


iv had my crotch fall asleep while riding several times. but that was only on multiple mile rides with my stock cx seat.

i would say definitely get an airseat.

I usually start getting some slight discomfort after about 75 miles of continuous riding. Luckily I only ride that distance maybe only 3-4 days each week. The other days of the week I do only short, 30-50mile rides. Maybe it would help if I wore those bike shorts.

My version:

I usually start getting some slight discomfort after about .75 miles of continuous riding. Luckily I only ride that distance maybe only 3-4 days each year. The other days of the year I do only short, .30-.50mile rides. Maybe it would help if I wore those lanocaine suppositories.

I had a long ride this year that I didn’t feel prepared for, so I wore TWO pairs of padded lycras under my Roach cycle shorts. That and the Butt Butt’r, or whatever it’s called, helped a great deal. I was using a regular KH seat that came with Florian’s guni, and tho the seat is hard, it didn’t cause any undue pain. I did get some rash in my pubic area from the shorts, so I put the Butt’r there and it helped.

Being british, I feel I am meant to be able to tell, and appreciate when a joke doesn’t look like one. But I can’t tell! Maybe. It would be great to be able to do that much unicycling… if only life had nothing else for us to do every day.

I concur with any mention of padded lycra shorts. Though wearing underwear too is fine, depending on seam design, and saves on laundry. Butt Butt’r is an elixir of life for more than an hour or two in the saddle.

The other day I surprised myself by clocking up about 35 miles between dismounts, over 10 miles better than my previous. Soreen eaten on the go. The saddle comfort was fine (on my increasingly unfashionable KH based airseat), but by then I had reached my destination, so not stopping would have been silly.

Certain people, to remain nameless, have casually mentioned doing 60 mile road rides straight through.


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On Mon, 3 Jul 2006 14:28:46 -0500, cathwood wrote:

>And being able to move my feet when riding. Otherwise they
>get numb aswell.

More weight on seat?

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Hmm, that sounds like Roger to me! I think judging from the way he rides when he’s injured, he probably just rides through any pain.

I’ve done 25 miles without a dismount, but then I hit the offroad riding, so I dismounted pretty quickly. I’m not sure if I’ve done further ever. I think I may have on the way to BUC but I’m not sure.

I don’t wear bike shorts, I’ve tried a few different ones and I think they’re overrated compared to daily riding and just wearing combats or normal shorts.

I’ve used Savlon instead of Buttr, usually only after a ride if I get a bit sore, but in the middle if it’s a hot day and a long ride. I’ve never actually been too sore on a ride to keep riding.

I do find riding gets a bit uncomfortable after 50 miles and by 70 or so it’s getting to the point I want a couple of minutes break every half hour rather than the normal once an hour and by 100 it gets to the point where I want a big long sit down and a pizza and chips.


I’ve never ridden any big mileages in one ride on a unicycle (about 20 miles is the longest single ride I’ve done, but most of my rides are 10-15ish, all cross-country), but I have noticed my comfortable time between breaks has increased with experience. I now commonly ride the 9 miles to work without a dismount (about an hour’s ride), and with no discomfort, whereas a year ago I used to have to get off half way to let my groin recover. On a smooth road ride I reckon I could probably manage 15 or 20 miles without dismounting, but I’ve not tried.

I use a normal KH seat (which I broke yesterday :(, new fusion on order :)) and always wear cycling shorts without anything under or over them, mainly just because it seems normal to me as a cyclist. Sometimes I use some cream or vaseline if I get sore, and it works well, but most of my rides aren’t long enough for it to be necessary.


You really need to get your mileage up to around the 1,000 mile non-stop mark. This is just about the average for a moderate ride.:wink: