Unicycling "Disease" Mentioned in the UK Times Saturday 30th October

In today’s Body & Soul Supplement Page 11;


Unicyclists’s Sciatica

Nerve pain down the buttocks and thighs, and a burning sensation on peeing are all caused by the rider putting all their weight on their perineum, says Boston University research in the New England Journal of Medicine

Never heard of this one. And I STILL want to put more weight on the saddle!

Fat Dave

Makes me think about quitting…


Sounds more like the good feeling of being a player. You get a nice painful feeling while pee’ing. You can convince yourself you picked up some STD from one of your unicycling groupies.

Ain’t it the life. :slight_smile:

I wonder what kind of population or frequency they have to encounter before something as obsure as this ends up in the New England Journal of Medicine.

I can see it occuring rather frequently for bikes but unicycles?

I once heard a commedian do a variation of the Men At Work song. Instead of:

He changed the words to:

After riding for 2+ hours on a united seat the nerve under me was pinched and I could not move my foot up at the ankle but i could push it down. After moths of MRI’s and EKG’s it came back.

Re: Unicycling “Disease” Mentioned in the UK Times Saturday 30th October

That explains it…

lies, all lies.

I rode four hours in Boston a while ago, and it didn’t burn when I pee’d. Do they have a name for when you ride too long, and your scrotum falls asleep? That happens to me on long rides…