Unicycling Demonstration to the public!

Hi All!

At the weekend, Leo and I built up a small trials course at a local park open day. I rode trials and Leo was Juggling. Our friend, Tom, Who used to post on the forums (don’t know if he has for a while) joined us on the second day.

Roger (from unicycle.com) sent us some catalouges and bussiness cards to hand out. There was a lot of interest and two little boys had almost mastered it after 1/2 hour of trying! (Grrr Took me 2 weeks!)

There were a few gaps and skinnies to ride.

I have photos!

This little guy could almost ride by the time he went home! Lucky, must be a fast learner!

My arm looks so demented in this picture!

Check out the drool(?) on my cheek! WTF? I didn’t notice it when i was riding!

Its hard to get a picture of someone juggling! It looks like they are standing there holding the clubs! Leo and Tom, passing clubs.


Video to follow, as soon as my 'puter stops f%$*ing me around!

Rock on!

Hey all!

'Puter is pissing me off! I can’t render the vid, i keep getting the Blue screen of death when I try to render it! I really want to put this one up aswell because i think its one of my better edited vids!

Rock on!

I cant wait to see it. Your a real good rider, better than I thought.

Leo looks well, love the pics.


The trick is to use a flash and a rather low shooting speed, like 1/8 or 1/4 of a sec. It will create motion blur (trails) which will recreate the filling of motion.
It’s obviously more difficult outdoors, but you can use filters to darken your image (NDs).
I guess it’s all a bit technical if you’re not into photography…

Looks like it was a blast.

What kind of clubs are those?


I think they are pirroutes but last time i tried to talk about types of clubs I found out theres about 10 variations of one club, long neck,short neck, fat ass, short ass. lol, But i think their pirroutes

oh forgot to mention the thread lol, yeh looks well cool guys good fun, you get to keep the pallets?

Nah there not piroettes, the yellow are fluro beard long handle, circus specials kind of a mouthfull lol and the green are the same except with shiney handles an are green :slight_smile:

wish i had some piroettes they are sweet clubs, shame the’re such a rip :frowning:
anywho was fun


Looks great guys, did you organise it yourself or were you representing someone else?
If you did organise it yourself, how did you get permission and how did you get the equipment?

Well done on promoting the sport, you guys look like you performed well.