Unicycling DED (Day Edit Day)

The idea from Unicycle Chat is to get as many day edits as possible on the same day. First round is set up for a just starting weekend. We ride and film on Saturday 19th October and then we post our day vids on Sunday 20th October 2013.

Go out and ride!

Absolutely no idea where to post our DED videos but I loved the idea of this and wanted to have a go. On the basis that I’m still very much a novice rider AND a bit of a novice with the filming and editing this represents my best effort…

I rode over my biggest tree root yet just so I could get a shot of something approaching competence! It really is mind over matter.


My first film at all, very short, but only this I recorded in 19.10.2013 :slight_smile:

So weird posting on the forums where nobody knows each others names o:

My Day Edit. Mostly trials with a pinch of flatland.

Finally got time to prepare something. I got back from this trip late night Sunday so I would be anyway late. Video is basically from Saturday 19th, with just some last scenes shot after midnight, so I hope it still counts for DED.

And it is nice to see here some Muni. I expected mostly flat, street and trials for this DED.

I’m sure they weren’t after midnight according to some time zone. :smiley:

Haha. I totally forgot to post mine here

I know your name, Shaffer :slight_smile:

That looked like fun. It still surprises me to see geared unicycle footage. 1:41 is so fast and smooth.

This is my Day edit :slight_smile: