UNICYCLING COMPETITION Northeastern US Freeride comp!!!

Please contact me if you are interested! This is a go!!! This will be THE FIRST contest of its type in the Northeast and the absolute first to offer a cash prize. Please tell all of your riding buddies and come not only to ride well and compete but also to have a crazy good time. Contact me and RSVP at freethegerbils@juno.com


Details, details…

What kind of competition is it? Freestyle? Trials? Street? Experimental?

FUNKADELIC WHEELJAM will be a competition allowing you to bring whatever talent, style, creative idea you have to compete with. There will be trials obstacles, a street course, and a flat space for freestyle tricks. For more information go to www.freewebs.com/wheeljam

So, who are judging the competition?

The competitors themselves will judge eachother. If 20 people show the other 19 will judge you and take an average from all the scores. You will be scored for three areas: skill, style, and creativity. And you will ride for 2:30 seconds. Judging will be done on a scale of 1-10 in each category with a top score of 30 (all three scores combined).

All of this info is on the website if you press the poster that is the link.


Keep spreading the word! This is something new!!!


I wish I could come, but I’m on the other side of the country…

So what. Come anyways. hehehehe…

We’ll host you and find you food.


My parents won’t let me. The only things they’ll let me go to has to be somewhere in the western half of the united states. Or it needs to be in the summer. But not during the school year.

By the way Dave!

I would love your groups support in this event if you don’t care to compete. We’re gonna have a rocking good time and there will be stuff to do besides compete!!!

You were our savior for MS Ride!!

Care to join in the bigger effort??


Hey that’s cool. Actually our group here has fizzled out for various reasons but let me see how I can be involved.

i think i might be able to convince my parents to take me. i think its only like a 5 hour drive for me to get there. is it gonna be non-snowy and is there gonna be sets of stairs to fool around on? and hows the street riding around the city or town or whatever? like while im not at the comp.

see ya, Kevin


The competition is in Bristol CT. Thats a looooonnggg drive from NB Canada.


If you can get yourself down here, say, for Friday we can take care of hosting you and finding you food and whatnot for the weekend! On top of competitors we can use all the help we can get in moving junk around, setting up the park, and finding stuff to jump around on.

I’m sure we can find you a set of stairs.

I am still unsure as to what the weather will be like but the park is indoors and if the roads are clear and the crete is dry we will be riding all day before the comp.

Keep me updated on what you are might be doing!
I would hate for anyone who could make it down to miss this one. It sounds like its going to rock.

By the way, I will leave this same message on your e-mail.


consider me there

Awesome. Confirm with me if you can by e-mail at freethegerbils@juno.com

I would love to go but

  1. 17 hour drive…
  2. No money for hotels and food
  3. No one to go with…
  4. Would have to be contucted in the utmost secrecy, because if my parents found out i spent a weekend away from college in CT i wold be subject to extreeme torture.

However! There are two options for me

If anyone, who is going, could make a detour to Macomb, IL Then i would be happy to share in the driving time as well as pay for my share of the gas to get us there.

I would be willing to drive as far as Colombus OH to meet someone, stay a night, and drive with them to Bristol.

I know my chances are zero to none but if anyone can help me out i would LOVE to come and lose a competition.

Hell, yeah!

I suck. Will that be a problem?

No problem if you suck we just want as many riders as humanly possible.

Come and suck!



e-mail me and let me know. TELL YOUR FRIENDS.