unicycling comments

I always thought a unicorn was a foot problem you get after too much pedalling
in ill-fitting shoes.

> Re the comment Tammy heard, “Look, its a unicorn!”
> Now thats one I haven’t heard before! Not sure how I’d reply to that.
> -Kris.
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Re: unicycling comments -Reply

Okay, I can’t resist, I’ve heard MANY, but my fav occurred as I was riding my
giraffe near a city park in a certain Northern California city. There were a
couple of “alkies” sitting on a park bench as I rode by, and one of them, almost
like he was caught by surprise, yelled out (so everyone could hear him):
"…hey everybody, look at da’ man wid’ a wheel up his a__. Sigh…! As
Rodney Dangerfield always says “We don’t get no respect”

Tim Bustos