Unicycling Clubs in London

I have been looking for unicycling clubs in London where I can go to improve general skills. I have seen lots but there websites dont have anything on age. I don’t want to end up going to a club full of 30 year olds when i am only thirteen.

Can any of you guys suggest anything?

Have you called any of the clubs?? If not, make one with a bunch of your mates and get it registered or whatever it is you call it. Hoped that helped somehow.

Take care & happy new year

Thanks, I have emailed a couple but they havent mailed back yet. I figure you guys would be quicker to respond.

E-mailing people sometimes doesn’t get through as they maybe flooded with other e-mails or spam. The best way would be to give them a quick ring or cold canvass if any are in your area.

Why not?

Thanks i hadn’t though of looking for juggling clubs.

I live in North london in Haringey burough. I can get to any of the surrounding buroughs fairly easily aswell

Your closest club is probably the Hackney free wheelers. They get together at Hackney free school on a thursday evening IIRC