Unicycling Clubs in London

I have been looking for unicycling clubs in London where I can go to improve general skills. I have seen lots but there websites do not specify on age. I don’t want to end up going to a club full of 30 year olds when i am only thirteen.

Can any of you guys suggest anything?

as your in London England - forget about the age thing and get down to Lunis at westway sports centre. You MIGHT be the youngest some weeks ( I think bruces girls go sometimes tho ) but its a great club for playing unicycle hockey and picking up new skills. I’m hoping one of teh curent lunis crowd will remind us all about what night and what time as I don’t remeber.

Most players at Lunis are aged 20+, however my daughter attends most weeks (aged 9).

We normally play from 1930-2100 on Thursdays at the Westway Sports Centre, although it is best checking before your first attendence (although this time has now been stable for 6+months)

A map / directions are available at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/unicycle/LUNIs.html