unicycling class at my school!

one of my teachers just started an unicycling I.G.(intrest groups) and i get to teach it beacause the teacher that is running it has two unicycles but dosent knoow how to ride. I thinke that its pretty cool and i thout i would just ask if any one else hase ever done anything like thise at their school

nice u luky bum…
nah only heard of it in china or japan…

Almost everyone at my middle school learned how to ride a unicycle… But Im the ONLY one who can do anything on them :angry:

Sweet, good luck.

Wouldn’t that make you special and a step closer towards greatness then?? :smiley: :smiley:

Lol, yup :smiley:

YAY!!! :smiley:

In Scarborough Maine, every elementary school kid learns how to ride in Gym class. There are a TON of riders from Scarborough, but only a handfull who really got into it. Most of them are more into the circus aspect of unicycling.

thats sad…

describe this “interest group”
i was thinking of starting up a unicycling club/“team” with the school, but it might be a good idea to get a few “starter” uni’s first and rent em out…

When I was riding my freestyle uni to school I just parked it in the classroom. A lot of people came to try it and quite a few learned it, which I think is pretty cool. Also I found out that some of my teachers could ride a unicycle, which was quite cool …

I learnt to unicycle and juggle at school in a lunchtime club. I still see my teacher at some of the conventions bringing kids from the school he currently works at.

good question every teacher choses somthing that they think that the kids whould like to do such as rocketry or golfing then the teacher makes a poster for kids to sighn up on then once its full you take it down but we only have the class for 45min on thursdays but it will still be fun

dude thats awsume and good luck with it
but as you can see i only quoted part of your quote cus when i was reading it i saw the part where it says “i thought i wuld ask” and i started lafing out loud cus i thought it was gonna say i thought i wuld ask if anyone here can teach me how to ride one haha not that you culdnt ride one but that wulda been funny

u are sooo lucky that you can do that at your school.
i wish my school would start unicycling classes.


You could start an after school unicycling group. :wink:

Youe Have Ane Interestine Spellinge Probleme There.

I’m starting a unicycle club soon, I put in an application yesterday and I will know by the 27 of this month if the club is approved, then I have to get a safety waiver written up and see if Serious Juggling could come down a few times and have some extra unicycles(I only have 4 that a beginner could ride, plus a coker, and giraffe unicycle.) That way I wont be too short on unicycles at club meetings, I’m sure they’d be willing to bring some and sell them there so people have their own and aren’t learning on mine and only being able to practice at club meets…

honestly that is really cool and i almost wish they did something like that at my school but if everyone you know at school can unicycle then it wouldnot be as unique

the class is great we have 5 or 6 kids that can ride 25 feet and some are prackticing before school and one is even lerning to hop and ride backwards so he is the most promicing its also really funny becaus every day we have the class at least one kid racks his balls anis on the floor :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :smiley: