Unicycling by Jyri&Niko

We done this litlle video. We had some fun and filmed some lines with Niko’s camera. Because we weren’t sure about capturing, we didn’t have tripod so camera shakes little. And when we were capturing battery got empty, so we lost few good lines.

Editing isn’t my best. I had to use windows movie maker because my other softare got tilt :smiley: And I haven’t used wmm for long time.

But I hope you enjoy:

This movie demonstrates why it’s worthwhile to invest in a good video camera.

The riding wasn’t top notch(don’t take offense to this, you’re better than me), but the beauty of high definition made the video all the better.

Good work.

Yes it wasn’t top… not even our top :slight_smile:

OKay, so if the camera makes it all the better, what do you suggest as a camera (dont say a sony gl2), and what should i use as firewire, i mean sure, i can get a mac or something,

Whats the best camera for a good price, and best mac for the best price, that you could find me?

(im using $150 camera lol, its the only thing that allows me to hook up to my computer) (and my firewire wont work with my computer)

and nice vid, W00T! I love goldfinger :slight_smile:

It was a bit to shaky to fully enjoy, there wasnt enough ridding, and too many bails… But at least you have each other, which means you can both push each other to improve quickly… and I am sure the camera work will get better too.

eh hem? Didn’t I already correct you? I apologize if it was someone else.

You did.

The cheapest mac at the moment is the Mac mini, which is not an all-in-one. You would still need a monitor.

As for a camera, I would sooner rent/borrow something that shoots HD. You can still produce video with nearly as good resolution as this one with a normal Mini dv cam… just export the video at full quality and at 16:9 (having said this, I have never used Vimeo so I don’t know the maximum upload size).

You can upload 500 mb/week, so maximum upload size is 500 mb :slight_smile: