Unicycling BMXers?!

Are there many people on here that BMX as well as unicycle? It almost seems like a natural progression to want to try unicycling if you BMX.
I personally have been a BMXer for around 5 years and have just started unicyling. I thought it would help that I have a lot of years behind me on my BMX before I started unicycling, but found that the early learning stages of unicycling weren’t any easier. It wasn’t until I started doing hops and tricks that I realised how much BMXing knowledge can help. I can already hop a good 30-40cm and I haven’t unicycling for long at all.

Cool, another UK rider! I don’t ride BMX :roll_eyes:
How long have you been riding for? What can you do on the bike? I’ve pretty much given up BMX since I’ve been riding unicycles. I was never very good anyway.


Are you anywhere near Woburn Sands by any chance? I used to ride there when the dirt jumps were big and being featured in magazines regularly. I’m pretty good on my BMX.
I’ve been on my BMX about 5years and my unicycle a couple of weeks. On my BMX I can 360, grind handrails, dirt jump and pretty much ride any street spot i go to. Since I’ve been riding the unicycle I’ve noticed so many new street spots that I’ve often rolled straight past when I was on my BMX.
What kind of riding do you do on your unicycle?

Trials and Muni. Im a regular at Chicksands, which is up near Woburn Sands. I ride the North shore up there on the Muni.
Im 8th (I think it was 8th!) in uk trials :slight_smile:


I grew up bmxing and picked up a used bmx two summers ago to try and get back into it. Now that I can ride a bc wheel I’d like to learn some flatland freestyling as it seems to look like it uses the same balance principals.
I’m thinking my bmx background did help when I started riding unicycles as I’ve seen other beginers have such a hard time hopping on a uni as when I started hopping was easy… it just seemed as natural as a bunny hop on a bike.

Yeah, I agree too.

Since I learned to ride a Unicycle, I’ve actually improved on my Bunnyhop as well…

I can get a much better extension and tuck on the bike now.

Can I extend the question to bicycle trials? It seems like it would translate well from uni.

totally different. Bike trials is way harder than unicycle trials. It’s easier for a bike trials rider to ride a uni than a unicyclist to ride bike trials.


Bike trials is so insane.

I have no expirience w/ this but I think the oposite would be true.

There is more potential on bikes w/ jump heights and distances (especially w/ rolling hops, since they can more easily use speed and momentum to their advantage). So, w/ equally skilled riders it’s easier to jump on say, a 1 m. high box.


Agreed. I only had a short try of it, and I found the balance is way different. But if I could afford to get me one of those fine machines I would.

ls keep to the topic of BMX and not bike trials!

i made this thread a while back and it kinda died off. I have been off the fora a bit lately b/c of BMX and rebuiding my trails for the spring.

BMX and uni are the two main things i often switch between for my main focus, i just dont have enough time to be serious about both at all times:o

I rode BMX for a long time before I started unicycling, I honestly don’t think it really helped me. It actually screwed up rolling hops for me because I always had the BMX mentality of never having to set up your pedals for a rolling hop.

With bike trials on the other hand however I think my BMX riding helped quite a bit. I’ve only ever been on a trials bike (mod) once and I could hop for just about as long as I wanted on the back tire and bunny hop pretty high. I don’t think it would take much for me to be able to hop onto something picnic table height with a trials bike - I could do this with relative ease on a bmx. I’d really like to get into bike trials as well, though with the costs of unicycling and college I could certainly not afford it. I’ve got a few parts to build a mod bike (back rim, frame, fork, stem, back brakes) but not quite enough to make it rideable.

Depends for what. Jumping, gaps, hights, etc, bikes are much more superior. Many many decent bike-trialsers can jump a meter while only a few expert unicyclists can do the same.

Unicycling is easier to learn how to hop, but a lot harder to attain good hight.
Fiddly, cramped lines are easier on a unicycle as the wheel is directly underneath us.

“Bike trials is way harder than unicycle trials”
That pissed me off. Are you really so good at both uni and bike trials to say this?

The trials bikers I’ve let on my unicycle could jump up a curb within thirty minutes. I sidehopped a curb on a trials bike just as fast. It depends on the learning curve and skill of the rider.

Or you could fuse the 2 together to come up with something like this. So people would scratch their heads trying to figure whether it’s a Bike or Unicycle. :wink:


I agree with Danni, it does depend on the riders learning curve. I also think that trials on a unicycle compared to a trials bicycle is a hard one to compare for several reasons:
Firstly almost everybody can ride a bike from a young age, therfore hopping about on one isn’t much more. Whereas it takes a lot of effort and practice to learn to unicycle.Yes, any trials bike rider could stand on a unicycle and hop it, but could they ride around on with the control a unicycler could on a bike? I think it is much harder to learn the earlier aspects of unicycling thus making it harder to ride trials on. Also, with a trials bike you have the momentum aspect of being able to roll and quickly put the pedals in the right place without having to hop around and stop almost all other movement.
I would hate for people to think that what we are doing is easy, 'cause it relly isn’t!

EVERYBODY that does unicycle trials deserves props for having gone through the dificult learning stages and also for doing something different.

More people would unicycle and love it if they just gave it a try and didn’t just give up because they ‘couldn’t do it first time’.

As the original author of this thread I don’t see why we shouldn’t extend the conversation to trials. It is a natural progression within the discussion. A lot of trials riders have tried, or do, BMX and vice-versa.

I’m a simple guy, I like the trials uni and see the similarities in trials bikes, so if I ever get the spare cash, I’ll get one. As far as which one is harder, who cares? What difference does it make really. I would think that having already made a commitment to fine tuning balancing and knowing what it’s like to put in the hours just to idle, that would give an advantage to a uni rider over joe blow off the street when it comes to riding bike trials. So what, if somethings are harder on one than the other or the reverse. Isn’t a big part of the fun just hanging out trying new stuff, falling, and getting back on?

I asked this simple question originally just cause I wondered if the other people here were as intrigued by the 2 wheelers as I am. If you want to get your hackles up arguing about which one is harder, knock yourselves out. I guess it’s human nature.

I agree with you completely Nimbusnut, I was just trying to entertain the thoughts of those in this thread. I love riding my BMX and my uni, I also used to love riding trials when I did it a few years ago. If I had the money I would have a bike and unicycle for each discipline. When it comes down to it they are all using the same wheel(s) and all allow for great fun to be had.
It’s an interesting point you make about ‘just hanging out’ because I would hate to be on my own doing any of these sports. It is so much about the social side for me, which is why I enjoy using forums like Unicyclist.com to chat to peple about the sport in which I participate.

Everyone should just enjoy themselves. Go ride and have FUN!

Thank you. I don’t know about you, but I really have to cut down on youtube… I want to do bike trials, motorcycle trials, get a vurtego pogo stick, buy more unis, sky dive,… I’ll never be the best at anything, but whatever, it all looks like fun.

Agreed! Added to that might have to be a cut down on eBay!