unicycling between workout sets

I’m now so in love with unicycling that if I had to choose between doing it and my strength workouts, I’d toss the latter out the window with no hesitation. Fortunately, there’s no need to choose. What I do these days is unicycle to the park to get warmed up, do a set of pull-ups or whatever, then unicycle some more while I’m waiting for the time to pass before the next set. Sure beats lounging around and waiting for the time to pass. Since I spend 95% of my workout time on the unicycle, it feels more like a unicycle session with strength training thrown in as an afterthought even though I’m doing exactly the same strength workout I’d be doing otherwise. Any of you like to do this?

I used to do a lot of training with gymnastic rings and for a while I tried to do exactly what you are describing. But then I ended up spending the whole time unicycling. :slight_smile:

I’ve always been more of a cardio junkie at heart. Give me a nice five mile run and I’m happy, but give me some strength work and I am counting the minutes before I can run again. Same goes for the one-wheeled beast. I tend to prefer riding for many hours at a time instead of having to ever get off.

Once I find a tennis court that will allow it, I really want to try uni tennis. :slight_smile:

When I started unicycling, I was getting a great lower/middle body workout. Then I started practicing SIF (seat in front). Now I feel like I’m getting a full body workout. Unicycling is my only exercise. I think I need to augment my training with some yoga stretches.

You could always try keeping your unicycle with you while you do your pull-ups. Hang on to it with your legs. PuebloUNIdo is right about SIF, though. Learn to do that if you are a workout fiend.

I agree 100%! I have been trying to get SIF down for a while and after about 20 minutes of practice I can really feel it.

I sometimes wear 2 lb wrist weights when I ride and do some “creek rock curls and lunges” when I am messing around down at the creek next to my favorite trails. I can definitely feel he difference when I am done.

Warning: I overstressed tendons in my forearms while learning SIF. I strongly recommend learning to hold onto the seat with ‘both’ hands. This may seem initially like a loss of balance, but it’s a huge gain in control. With two hands on the seat, I can ride backwards SIF. Forward jumping SIF is also way easier for me with two hands.

Thanks for mentioning backwards SIF. I had started to learn 6 months ago but then forgot about it until I read your post just now. It’s a perfect skill to work on because right now it is challenging for me, but not insanely difficult.

Stretches are probably a good companion to unicycle. Working on the knees, calves, quads for sure.