unicycling backward: tips please!

Hey gang,
I tried holding on a rail to guide me but my uni keeps slipping under me. Any tips or advises would be welcome!


Hi Leadpan,

I learned by idling, then idling a full rev, and gradually more than that. It gave me good front-back stability. Laterally, I didn’t have much trouble. Much of going more than one rev is not hesitating, so reassure yourself that there’s no one/no thing is behind you.

I’m working on backwards turning now, I certainly have a ways to go!! I can do backwards “drifting.” :slight_smile:

You’ll probably get some better tips from the more advanced riders around the forum.

Keep it up!

I found that it helps to go uphill, because then you have more control. Then, every once in a while, I would go slightly downhill (it is more challenging) so when I go back to uphill, it is easier. Good luck!

There are heaps of information at “The Unicycle Page,” including a page on riding backwards. Also use the “search” button to scan through the posts in these fora… there have been many threads on backwards riding that may have more tips for you.

most people suggest learning to ride backwards in whatever way you learned to ride forwards. which is usually, get a wall or fence or whatever, and hold it as you pedal backwards.

Then do a full revolution backwards.
Continue idling or do a full revolution forwards
Then do a full revolution backwards
Continue idling or do a full revolution forwards

Now add in additional revolutions backwards

Do 1-1/2 revolutions backwards
Continue idling or ride forwards
Do 1-1/2 revolutions backwards

Do 2 revolutions backwards
Continue idling or ride forwards

Do 3 revolutions backwards
Continue idling or ride forwards


This is a good method if you’re scared about loosing control and falling off backwards and landing flat on your back. With this method you always stay in control and you learn how to stop and recover right from the first step.

nah, just go forwards and stop, then lean back and just pedal backwards as far as you can, each time you’ll go further. took me like 4 days.

just practice loads

riding backwards requires relearning how to ride- basically it’s the same as learning to ride forwards, you have to train your body to ride all over again.

If you’re trying to do it on a coker, that might be an interesting experience :smiley:

if not, I just recommend learning the same way you learned to ride forwards. However, if you can stop and ride backwards into it you don’t need a pole, and that helps things along quite a bit!

Hold on to a garbage can without one b ag in it so it doens’t fall to the side. Drag it around while pedaling backwards for like a hlf hour. Then screw the garbage can, mount with a rail or something, just let go and see how far you can get. And just keep doing that. Thats what Im doing, but I haven’t had much time to practice it.


This might not be very helpful but I basically learnt to ride backwards playing unihockey. Not only does the fast & accurate play mean its almost a must to be able to idle & ride backwards, you also have a big stick to help you balance on while trying to get two or three reverse revs & get out of that tight corner.