Unicycling Backpack

Okay alot of people are ganna think i’m crazy, but has anyone found a good skateboarding/snowboarding backpack that you can strap a 20" uni into?, i’m looking for something that you can strap it securly on the back, with the wheel pointing up, where the cranks rest below the top of the bag to keep them out of your back.

(like I said crazy)

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Not crazy at all, but perhaps another “azy” word. By using the Search feature in the top right, I was able to very quickly find this thread, which should provide the answers you seek:


Well wow, I didn’t even think of searching (usualy I do before asking) but I figured that this was such an “azy” That I didn’t even bother.

Thanks ^^

Also anyone else got any new info not availible on that post?

I’ve wanted to wear my trials on my back. With a pack like that, I can hop onto my coker and get to places where I want to ride, then get to it on the trials.


I hope you know that you’ll never get another “Where’s your other wheel?”.

I found this bag


I’m thinking I can use that shovel holder from the previous post


In cordinence with the posted backpack, to strap a uni on. the backpack also comes with a tool flap for unicycle tools ect. I’m thinking I can shave my post down more so I can sink it into the frame down to the seat, and if it gets annoying I could even romove the peddal that sticks into my back. It would be a little annoying to put my uni back together but yeah, what you guys think?


I hate that. I’m alright with something original, I hear that one a lot.

I’m about to start giving prizes to the 5th person to say that to me each day… or should that be each hour? Hmmm…

don’t encourage them

unless the prizes are like free unis or something, in which case…
where’s your other wheel? :smiley:

I use one of these:
It’s a real minimalist item, I use it to carry my chainsaw or my Muni.
Probably not the most comfortable, but you cannot beat the weight!!



I’d like to see a photo of you with a muni on your back. I want to see how that little pack works.

It does have a waist strap, so it might work well for carrying a uni while you’re riding a bigger uni. :slight_smile:

You’re not crazy at all. I recommend a snowboard pack like the Arcteryx M20 which we used very successfully in Bhutan.


I found this bag, I’m thinking it would be pretty good for carrying a uni on your back with. What you guys think?

(Preferably comments from someone that HAS straped a uni on a backpack, because i’m sure there are things that would come up durring the actuall proccess)


And also dosn’t the indigo G-string pack allow your cranks to jab into your back?

i often strap my 20in to my back when rideing my coker and i have found that the bigist problem is the unicycle shifting so all those straps look like they would work great

I use a back pack from time to time. Its nothing special but it gets the job done. Just two straps too. :

I look pissy cause im riding a midget mountain bike and the photographer is making fun of me for it. Also please ignore my bike lock tangled up in my reeder handle.

The pedal that is facing towards me when im wearing the pack fits somewhere under my arm pit (out of the way) so thats not a problem. When i have my 20 on the pack, the pedal is closer to my body but still not close enough to rub or bump me.

The bag itself is stiff where it touches your back so I dont feel the crank through it. If you get a softer bag, Im sure putting a sweatshirt in there would solve the problem of cranks jabbing through.

Thats about it. Just grab a backpack and try it.

That’s excellant. I might have to try the uni backpack deal today b/c I need to tow a schwinn to the LBS to get it ready for a new rider. Cokering with a schwinn on my back!

I rigged up a schwinn 20" on my backpack and almost got ran over 3 times. Seriously.

Uniclycing with another unicycle on your back isn’t the blast I thought it was going to be. :frowning: