Unicycling back on front page of Yahoo.com


Yeah but the vid was sad…

It still promotes the sport

Yeah thats true, but then it does get alot of haters to start thinking less of the sport, its great when vids of Dan or Shaun get put up like that. Really gets the sport to grow!

that guy was pretty dodgy. ive been riding for 6 months and im better. still some ballsy jumps

Well that was modest :roll_eyes:

I am the second rider, but also the first one to quit…

Congrats Ryan for making the Yahoo front page, that’s huge! Does anybody know how vids get chosen to appear there? If it’s not completely random, it means somebody thought the content was pretty cool. Ryan deserves congrats, plus words of encouragement. I think he already knows he’s not the best rider out there at the moment.

Suggestion for your next video Ryan – If you’re looking for sponsors, leave out all the clips that obviously end in bails. Cutting that part off isn’t going to fool a potential sponsor.

I don’t think many of us have haters in mind when we make our videos. The thing to remember here is that this video, modest as the skills may be, made it to that high-traffic page. Who of us is going to be next to manage that?

I understand both sides of this argument. First off, I love seeing videos made by everbody, and no matter how good or bad you are. I also think that it’s fantastic whenever anything involving unicycling makes the front page of anything, because it helps promote the sport. Last I checked, the rating was 3.5 stars, which means that many people like the video. I do give Ryan congratulations for not only giving people a better idea of what extreme unicycling is, but making the front page (I’m personally jealous, haha:D ).

Now for the other side of the argument. The best way to promote this sport is to catch the eyes of teenagers. The only way to make them think it’s cool is to show them a video that they can enjoy. The first thing I noticed in the video is the song. This is a HUGE part to why most people probably dislike the video. Sure, it may have been popular when it first came out, but most teenagers probably don’t like the song, thus making the unicycling seem more “nerdy” than “cool.”

People at first might think that it’s cool when they see basic trials and dropping off big objects, but it can get tiring rather quickly. I think some of the more impressive things in the video that people saw was the riding down stairs and one foot riding. I’m not saying to leave eveything else out, because they are still rather impressive for untrained eyes. What the video needs is more slightly technical freestyle or street tricks, like wheel walking or grinding. Also lower angles when filming rather than eye-level shots helps make the video seem more professional and makes the tricks/hopping seem like bigger moves.

Another thing that is less major than the first two is the kid’s age and that this is a solo video. Again, I enjoy it when anyone makes a video, but in terms of promoting the sport, people will think it’s cool if they see someone in their late teens/early twenties in a video. The idea of seeing someone in this age gives the sport a better image simply because someone is a little older and still young enough to be considered cool. This way they have someone to look up to rather than look down upon. As far as the solo video, in order to promote the sport it will require the idea that more than one person unicycles. If you have a video with like four or five people all doing different styles, then it makes unicycling look like a bigger sport, at least much bigger than a solo video.

The only free video available online that I can think of ould be a perfect example of this is Syko Random Crap Vol 1. Of course there would still be “haters” because they think it’s cool to hate on everything that is different, but more people would see a larger spectrum of unicycling with style.