unicycling at woodhill forest - new album

At the request of John Childs we took a few pics on our last ride out at woodhill forest.


Woodhill is Auckland’s main MTB park and includes twenty+ single track trials, lots of jumps, see saws,ladder bridges, mono rails etc. We’ve been trying to ride as much of it as possible on unicycles.

They have a rating system for obstacles from one X through to 5. Tony and I are both succesfully navigating XXX obstacles now. We have yet to completely ride a 4 or 5 X (The 6ft plus drop offs at the end usually put me off :slight_smile: They’ll have to wait till I get a stronger unicycle.

Next time out we’ll try and get a few shots of some of the jumps, roller coasters etc.


I want some of those here!!! nice pics though.

Thanks for the pictures. A picture is worth well over 1000 words.

That looks like a fun place to ride. I’d have to practice up on my skinnies before I would feel confident on some of those bridges.

Ohhh…that looks sooo sweet! (Drip…drip…drip…) <–drool

Now I have all the excuses I need to head North into Jaffa country!

Ken :slight_smile:

Where’s this forest? I must go there!!!

Aw, c’mon…you don’t know where Auckland is?

:wink: cheeky Ozzies!