Unicycling at the BJC

Some excellent unicycling up in Perth, nice machines, excellent tricks, good
people, hockey, the grace of the two Swiss girl riders, the two wheeler
guys Rocket, and er Nigel? Tiny kids riding proficiently.
Some good games, congrats to young Zyllan on winning BOTH gladiators
games…the brutal little so and so dealt with me like a fly: swatted in
an instant.


It was indeed good fun, even if unicycling did keep dragging me out of bed at silly times in the morning having been up till about 3.

The German (I thought they were German, not Swiss, but I could be wrong) were very impressive. It did limit my options when performing in the unicycle show at about 5 minutes notice though. Going ‘Look! Wheelwalking!’ Right after those two were on suddenly seemed a bit pointless. Yay for silly mounts with daft amounts of precision preparation instead!

At least one of the two wheeler guys was Roger (the other one), and the games were good fun. I was quite impressed with the bunnyhopping game. For the curious, it was various challenges of spinning around/no hands/no handed spinning aroud etc, ending in bunnyhopping gladiators which was fantastic fun. I even knocked Roger (not the other one) off, which was a definate highlight of the BJC for me. :slight_smile:

The hockey was very good fun, but for future reference could the people who are really good consider that if there are a lot of beginners playing, as there will be at a juggling convention, then being a bit more relaxed about it might make their introduciton to a fantastic sport a bit less intimidating.

Cheers everyone who was there. See you in a few weeks at BUC…