Unicycling at Starking

Last week I went to Korea to perform in the TV Show “Starking”. You can watch the first part from my performance here:

Long Version:

must be really hard to ride when there’s bunch of people screaming like this around you :stuck_out_tongue:

nice show :wink:

Korean TV is insane!!!
Really good job, you did the sport proud! <3

those people scream hard, nice show

Yes the TV show was really funny and crazy. Luckily I have been to a similar show in china before and knew that it wouldnt be a silent audience.

but actually that was awesome :smiley:

hahahaha I laughed so hard xD This is awesome, Lutz! :open_mouth: The riding was amazing too!! :open_mouth:

oh my god, how do you ride like that?? I could barely think over their screams, just watching it xD

Really good riding too, the slackine was insane!

That was extremely entertaining! Nice work!

Thanks for the comments!

Part II:

Awesome. Makin’ moves!

Incredibly this volume in the studio, probably hard to concentrate there :slight_smile:

Great job!

Nice dude haha. I liked how you made it look way harder then it was and how you celebrated as if you hadn’t done it before :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats the way tv works (atleast in starking and many other big saturday evening shows).
In the show i am really happy if everything works, but in normal live i would not show it that much. For me it is a million times harder to do stuff in front off a big audience thats why it feels different then jumping up stuff on your local practice area.

I could have sworn you were acting :stuck_out_tongue:

I was, but it is easyer if you are happy to made it. If i do a trials line which is hard for me at unicon i dont lift me uni up to the scy and start to scream ;). Especially the koreans really wanted me to celebrate more because its there style to overreact about everything. Also the t shirt was not my idea, we had a huge problem which t shirt i should wear just before the show startet because they didnt want me to wear my kh, ajata, adidas t shirt.