Unicycling at Portland Juggling Festival this weekend

One of the biggest and best regional juggling festivals in the US is on this weekend at Reed College in Portland Oregon: the Portland Juggling Festival.

Beau and I will be there doing the Muni workshop Saturday afternoon from 1-2:30. There is also an Advanced Unicycling (freestyle) workshop led by the master Rob Brown at 11am Saturday. Lots of unicyclists always show up and the festival is a blast. I’ve been attending since 1995. The Saturday night show is always fantastic too.


I’ll be there on Saturday. Sunday or Monday I’m going to head to Hood River for some muni on the Post Canyon trails.

Good to hear. Get ready for some passing practice!

saterday is out for me and DudleyDoRide…whats going on Sunday? who will still be there?

great riding at Falls City is about an hour away from Portland (20 minutes from my house) if anyone wants to do a Sunday ride.

About 300+ jugglers and the odd unicyclist, although not the oddest since JC said he’ll be leaving :).

It looks like any organized riding is on Saturday, although it may be possible to round up some interest for a Sunday ride. I can’t remember from last time you were there…how far a commute is it for you to get there?

p-town is 50 minutes away from me. i was there two years ago on the Super 29er

I’m game for a Falls City ride on Sunday. I absolutely want to get a ride in at Post Canyon in Hood River so if I do a Sunday Falls City ride I’ll do Post Canyon on Monday. I’m flexible.

Hey Guys,

I’m probably heading down to Portland for a day or two of the event. I’d be down for a muni ride or two. I don’t have any specific plans, so let know whats going on and i’ll try and connect with everyone.


well this is what we are doing.

DudleyDoRide and I are going to go riding in Falls City on Sunday…if anyone wants to ride , we could meet somwhere in Salem then drive to Falls City from there.

10 am is good but im flexable…

man this threads sinks faster than a Mob snitch in the Hudson river!

Dan… if John is going back up to Portland after the ride you sould see if you can get a ride with him unless your driving too. Fall City is worth the hassle, belive me!

anyway , john will have my phone # and address in case you guys want to talk about it Saterday befor making any decisions right now.

have a good time up there, i hope to see a few of you Sunday…

Sunday calls for a 78 degrees but it wont be that hot till 3 or 4pm

:smiley: (the morning 50’s rule)

I was riding out at Fall City on Sunday when a Downhiller said “Oh another one”. He went on to say that he had seen three othe MUni riders on the hill. I got there after 3:30 so I must of missed you guys. I like all the new stuff they built, I hope you all had as great of a time as I did.

yeah i think we just missed you by about 30 minutes. we got up there about 11am before it got so hot. there are so many skinny lines up there now isnt there!?

you probobly got our parking place, it was packed. that new basic training area seems to bring out more people even families, i even saw a stroller up there.

it was just gene, john and I…nathen couldnt make it, Tom was do buzy with his circus toys and i guess Dan was MIA

im sore!!!

Yup, busy I was. Needed to pass clubs until my hands were bruised and swollen. Typing is painful today, so just this one post.

Sounds like we missed a good ride on Sunday. You missed a fun one on Saturday at Reed. You know the canyon there…nothing epic, but it was still fun to ride it and remember some of the places where you were flying around two years ago on the Super 29-er. It was a smaller group than the ride from 2003, so definitely a bit faster pace.

But Sunday was noteworthy not just for the club passing. Each year at the Portland Juggling Festival, one attendee is presented with the Ben Linder Memorial Award, awarded to the “most inspirational” juggler at the festival. This year’s award went to Nathan Hoover. In addition to introducing many many people to the sport of mountain unicycling through his years of PJF workshops and his videos with Kris Holm, Nathan was also cited for his informal influence as a “juggling and unicycling ambassador” via his riding trips to Mexico, Bhutan, Norway, and C^ba, among other countries. Very cool!

For more on Ben Linder’s life, achievements, unicycling, and tragic death, check out this thread started by Unibrier.

Congratulations to Nathan on this well-deserved recognition.

Sounds like a great weekend. Wish I could have made it, but came down with a cold and also injured myself on Friday.

Congrats on the award Nathan and thanks Tom for the link to the thread about Ben…


Way to go Nathan.


Me too. But for a different reason. I twisted my ankle on Monday during my ride at Post Canyon.

The Portland Juggling Festival is always a good event. Lots and lots of juggling with a little bit of unicycling thrown in. Very cool that Nathan won the Ben Linder award.

Sunday I went down to Salem to ride with Jagur at Falls City. This was the third or fourth time I’ve been to Falls City to ride and it keeps getting better every time. They’ve been busy building new TTFs (technical trail features) and a lot of them are quite fun on a unicycle. A great place to go ride. Fun fun fun.

Monday I went up to Hood River to an area called Post Canyon. Lots of TTFs and the trails range from XC to expert downhill freeride. There is something there for everyone. Unfortunately that area has horrible soil that turns to dust when the bikes skid. The dust and broken up dirt has no traction. It is difficult to even walk up or down a hill that has been dustified like that. It’s a mix of fine dusty dirt and coarse dirt. The coarse dirt is like marbles under your feet and the fine dirt acts like lubrication. It makes what would be an enjoyable ride into a less enjoyable ride. I’ve been to Post Canyon twice and both times I’ve ended up injured because of slipping on a loose part of a trail. Last year I fell hard on my hip bone and got a bone bruise that was sore for several weeks. This year I slipped and twisted my ankle. If I go there again I’m going to have to pad up more with padded crash shorts and my Active Ankle braces and wrist guards because my wrists are probably the next part of me that I’ll injure there. If I go there again it will also have to be after the trails have had a good rain to wash away the loose dusty dirt. The Falls City trails are much higher on the fun scale just because Falls City doesn’t have the loose dusty slippery dirt problem that Post Canyon has.

All was good fun. Now I’m just waiting for my ankle to feel better so I can get back to riding.

Now I’m going to have to think about planning a trip up to Vancouver BC before the weather gets all yucky.