Unicycling at Northstar this weekend

This is a message to Northern California area unicyclists, to see who is
interested in a trip up to Northstar (ski resort north of Lake Tahoe) to check
out their trails this weekend.

I’ve been there once before, but need to ride some trails to work out where
organized group rides will take place on the MUni Weekend in September.

I haven’t picked a day (Sat. or Sun.) yet, and that depends on people who are
interested. If you would like to go, and ride ski lifts and down a bunch of
trails, please rsvp to my home email address:


When I have heard from you we can work out whether we’re going Saturday or
Sunday. I just want to get this out of the way before leaving for the National
Unicycle Convention, so I can tell people what’s going to be happening for the
MUni Weekend.

This message will be repeated to my MUni mailing list, later when I get home.

John Foss the Uni-Cyclone please reply to: unifoss@calweb.com

Opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of Intel, especially as
regards downhill unicycling.