Unicycling at 9th Dutch Juggling Festival

Dear juggling unicyclers,

Starting the 9th Dutch Juggling Festival this year we want to organize a
unicycling trip from last years location to the location of this years festival.
The trip starts on wednesday 12 may at noon and we plan to arrive at the
festival somewhere around 17.00h. We will provide you with food and shelter.
Does this sound interesting to you? Please contact us before 14 april. As soon
as we can make an estimation of how many people want to cycle along we’ll see
how much it is going to cost (probably 25-30 guilders). However, if there are
not enough people the trip will not be taking place.

See you,


  • 13-16 mei 1999: 9e Nederlands Jongleer Festival *
  • 13-16 may 1999: 9th Dutch Juggling Festival *
  •                                                        *
  • Stichting het Nederlands Jongleerfestival *
  • (Dutch Juggling Festival Association) *
  • Galateastraat 77 *
  • 5631 EC Eindhoven URL: http://www.dse.nl/jugglefest *
  • ++(0)40-2963838 E-mail: jugfest@dse.nl *
  •                                                        *
  • Private E-mail: erik.vanduren@nl.origin-it.com *